Slate takes over our interiors

Slate takes over our interiors

Blackboard in the kitchen or stickers in the bedroom are no longer the only slate elements that make their show in our interiors. This very decorative black rock now becomes a work surface, original pouffe or even a storage cube. Let yourself be convinced with our 10 inspiring photos.

A storage cube

Le Trèfle Bleu To change traditional wooden storage cubes, you can bet on slate cubes. We appreciate their very chic black side in a modern living room stacked on top of each other to create a library.

A work plan

Min 'Ardoise In a kitchen with colorful furniture, we put on a dark work surface like black or anthracite gray to bring a chic note. For this, we install a slate plan easy to maintain and very decorative.

A bistro table

Le Trèfle Bleu In the kitchen or on a small terrace, the slate also does not go unnoticed. We adopt it in a bistro-style table with or without a pattern as you wish.

In the floor in the bedroom

Les Ardoisiers If you like natural stone coverings, slate is for you. In a bathroom, a kitchen and even a bedroom, it is very decorative and brings a lot of charm.

In fruit bowl

Le Trèfle Bleu Presenting your fruit in an original way during a dinner requires the use of atypical accessories such as this slate basket with simple lines and a very chic look.

A dining table

Les Ardoisiers For a friendly table full of charm, we opt for a large slate model that can be installed both in the dining room and outside. No need for a tablecloth, she's in charge of the decor.

In vase

The Blue Clover Since slate blends perfectly with flowers and green plants, you can also adopt it in a large vase for outdoors or in a flowerpot for indoors.

A round plate

Vega Tired of rectangular or square slate plates? The solution is to bet on a less usual form like this round model which brings a chic touch to your table decor.

A graphic pouffe

Le Trèfle Bleu In a modern and very design interior, opt for this singular and resolutely graphic slate ottoman. You can also use it at the end of the sofa or as a coffee table as needed.