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We love the windows in the kitchen

We love the windows in the kitchen

If they do not date from yesterday, the windows are more than ever part of the decorative trends in the kitchen. Whether they allow you to see through a tall piece of furniture, a low storage unit or built into the central island, they pay for a second youth behind the stoves. We have selected inspiring models for you to familiarize yourself with kitchen windows.

High glass furniture

Ikea The downside to tall furniture is that you don't always know what's inside. With glass fronts, you can quickly see the dishes and accessories stored there, to save time behind the stoves.

Original windows

Ixina x Philippe Conticini The Ixina brand has teamed up with the famous pastry chef Philippe Conticini to create a range of cuisine that has nothing to envy to that of professionals. On the menu, these storage units that combine modernity and practicality with their glass shutters.

Country cuisine

Leroy Merlin In this kitchen, space is not overloaded thanks to the central island which centralizes the workspace. Showcases nicely frame the extractor hood, located above the hobs, and does not clutter the entire wall to ventilate the room.

Opaque windows

Ikea If you don't like being seen through your closets, opt for opaque display cases. Less imposing than lacquered surfaces, they will also require less frequent maintenance and will less mark fingerprints.

Bring more light into the room

Ikea To make your kitchen brighter, tall glass units can reflect natural light. So opt for tall windows and closed furniture below your worktop.

Alternate display cases and closed facades

Neptune Having trouble deciding on your kitchen furniture? A good compromise is to install display cases between classic kitchen cupboards. If possible, attach them to the brightest wall in the room to reflect more light.

Rounded display cases

Cuisine Plus At Cuisine Plus, the windows are modernized with a rounded, very designer shape. No more classic glass facades with their door handles, here the storage is more elegant and better optimized.

Chic cuisine

Siematic In this fairly luxurious immaculate room (Beaux Arts reference), the display cases are an integral part of the decor. Their metal borders support this chic and modern style. However, be careful to maintain them with a specific product so that the windows are always impeccable.

A spacious American kitchen

Ikea If you have an open kitchen, play on volumes and transparencies to visually enlarge the space. An open shelf on one side of the wall, a display case on the other and closed storage on another part make it possible not to partition the space.