Dulux Valentine presents its new palette for 2012

Dulux Valentine presents its new palette for 2012

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To present its new color palette, Dulux Valentine has completely redesigned its color chart by offering larger areas of shades and a palette of 239 pre-cut shades to play with colors and create associations. Here are some inspirations from Dulux Valentine paintings to add color to your interior.

Natural paint

Dulux Valentine Natural tones are also always trendy with a wide choice of colors ranging from brown to sand through to cream colors. Elegant and comfortable, these fairly neutral colors will enhance your furniture. It is also an excellent base for bringing in the color (orange here).

Purple paint

Dulux Valentine Already last year, Dulux Valentine put purple in the spotlight in our interiors. This year, purple 2012 will be passionate about deep and mysterious shades that will magnify classic interiors. Real alternative to pink, purple is more chic and less feminine to settle in any interior.

Red paint

Dulux Valentine Fantasy and dynamism are invited into the house thanks to red hues that are part of the trend. Neither too bright nor too pale, the red Terre Rouge will wake up any interior without overdoing it. We will still take care to avoid the night rooms.

Pink paint

Dulux Valentine For those who see life more tenderly, Dulux Valentine declines red in shades of pink with boudoir pink, raspberry pink or Baby Doll shades to create feminine and current moods.

Orange paint

Dulux Valentine Orange is the fresh and joyful color that we will appreciate installing in all living rooms for its revitalizing power. Combined with a natural grain of sand shade, the duo will be more than a winner with a very trendy style.

Yellow paint

Dulux Valentine The yellow will not fail to echo the light to offer you warm interiors. We put on the color Honey for its very rich bronze reflections. Associated with gray lava stone, you will obtain an urban style but while retaining a warm side.

Green paint

Dulux Valentine What if nature invites itself into the house with a revitalizing green paint? We put on Apple Green for its acidulous qualities which will illuminate a section of wall for a lively interior. To accentuate the natural touch, we associate it with the Savannah color.

Tart paint

Dulux Valentine You can also choose a color between yellow and green for a real feeling of freshness in your interior. Combined with natural shades, you will create a softer and fairly vegetal effect.

Turquoise paint

Dulux Valentine Turquoise remains a constant in the house with blues which invariably evoke holidays to provide freshness and dynamism to your interior. Ideal for a teenage bedroom or to wake up a studio!