10 spring flowers to offer you a cure of white!

10 spring flowers to offer you a cure of white!

While in the house, the "month of white" traditionally takes place in January, it is a few months later that it begins in the wild. From the beginning of spring, trees, lawns and massifs are adorned with this color which is light in its pure state. White as purity, as renewal, as fragility also vis-à-vis the jellies - white too - still to fear at this season. This is all that this color announces when it takes possession of our trees and flowers. To introduce it into your garden, here are 10 varieties to adopt.

White flowers of hawthorn spring

J-F. Mahé The hawthorn whose name means "white thorn" is one of the wonders of spring in the countryside. This shrub, more common in its natural state than in gardens, illuminates the hedges with the myriad of flowers it carries. Too bad it is susceptible to many diseases and therefore often torn or banned from staying in the gardens to avoid in particular the spread of fire blight to which hawthorn is sensitive.

White flowers of spring magnolia

J-F. Mahé This time, when we approach the cities and cultivated gardens, other species take over, such as the magnolia which, although less common in its white version, remains a model of elegance. The effect of these large flowers, in the form of bells or stars, is further enhanced by their appearance on the branches of the tree which are still bare, the leaves only appearing towards the end of flowering.

White flowers of spring aubriete

J-F. Mahé L'aubriète is one of the essential flowers of spring. Vivacious, it is already in place after the first beautiful days. Its cultivation is easy and rewarding: the aubriète indeed forms an efficient ground cover with rapid growth and abundant flowering. Ideal for rock gardens and low walls!

White flowers of spring snowdrop

J-F. Mahé Discreet, almost shy, the snowdrop marks the transition between winter and spring, with its flowers which are not afraid to face the last snow. Install it at the foot of the trees or in any other cool, shaded location.

Spring white flowers silver basket

J-F. Mahé This plant with the pretty name of the silver basket is precious in spring for gardeners who wish to decorate a rock garden or make borders of beds. This long-lived perennial appreciates the sunny locations in which it will flourish by offering its very generous flowering.

White flowers of spring daisy

J-F. Mahé We no longer present the daisy, the indisputable queen of lawns until the first mower has passed! And if you are in love with these little flowers, nothing prevents you from keeping a few "islets" in the middle of your lawn for the pleasure of illuminating them with white!

White flowers of purple spring

J-F. Mahé Well known in its purple and purple versions, the violet comes in white without losing any of its charm. No higher than a blade of grass, it is nevertheless understood to diffuse in the grass the most bewitching scents.

Camelia spring white flowers

J-F. Mahé Camellia is associated with many symbolisms, including that of perfect beauty. What more can be said ? Ideal flower for passionate declarations, the camellia is also a perfect shrub for the pleasure of courtyards and small gardens in temperate regions: its dark varnished foliage looks great all year long and its flowers, as large as abundant, are a treat from the very start of the year.

White anemone spring flowers

J-F. Mahé It is found both in the gardens and in the nature where it likes around the undergrowth and on the slopes. Loving shade and freshness, the anemone does not shy away from the heat of the first spring suns.