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These amazing heather earth plants

These amazing heather earth plants

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Heather earth plants love acid soils and cannot accommodate garden soil, unless you live in privileged regions like Sologne or Brittany whose soil composition is perfectly suited to them. Undisputed kings and queens of heather gardens, hydrangeas and azaleas are the subject of all the care of breeders who, each year, create new varieties.

Azalea again

Globe Planter ** Azalea Encore Empress Conies ** This azalea is all the more interesting as it flowers three times a year. Empress Conies exists in single or double variety.


Globe Planter ** Leucothoe White Water ** A multitude of small elongated leaves variegated with green and cream are adorned with cream-colored clusters in season. Astonishing, in the heart of winter, the foliage turns to dress in purple.

Magical Moonlight

Willemse ** Giant hydrangea Magical Moonlight (Hydrangea paniculata) ** This giant hydrangea develops immense clusters of flowers up to 60 cm in diameter, changing from tender green to bright white throughout the summer.


Willemse ** Incrediball (Hydrangea arborescens) ** Large pure white pompoms, 30 cm in diameter, decorate the beds all summer long.

You and me

Willemse ** Two-tone hydrangea Magical Noblesse (Hydrangea macrophylla) ** Two-tone flowers in abundance throughout the season. This hydrangea can also be used in dry bouquets.

Pieris japonica

Globe Planter ** Pieris japonica Ralto ** A magnificent bluish green foliage edged with creamy white serves as a backdrop for clusters of inflorescences composed of tiny bells varying from pale pink to deep pink.

Red azalea

Mining ** Azalea japonica Hino-Crimson or rhododendron ** This magnificent dwarf and compact shrub is adorned with abundant carmine red flowers from March to April. A multitude of small trumpet flowers appear before the dark, shiny green foliage.


Nurseries Sterviniou ** Camellia sasanqua Showa No Sakae ** You have to wait until autumn to see this splendid fuchsia camellia bloom. But your patience will be rewarded by the carpet of semi double flowers with which this bush will adorn itself then.

Winter heather

Sapho ** Erica x darleyensis Winter Belles Phoebe or winter heather ** The heather is the queen of the earth who bears her name. This variety carries clusters of salmon pink flowers turning purple, the most beautiful effect. It is one of the largest heather and can reach 60 cm in height.