The same for less: a lamp with style

The same for less: a lamp with style

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A well-lit interior is good, but with decorative lamps it's even better. All the more so if they are inspired by models from major brands and at low prices! Discover our selection ...

Le Corbusier Projector Lamp 212 euros / Project Conforama Lamp 25 euros

Le Corbusier - Conforama Ideal for lighting your office in style, this "projector" lamp offered by Le Corbusier is available at Conforama for small budgets. This gives a cinema look to its interior.

Jeeves Innermost pendant light 230 euros / La Chaise Longue lamp 69 euros

Innermost - La Chaise Longue You see little or no difference between these two unusual lamps in the shape of a bowler hat? It's normal, it is in the price! We love the contrast between the black hat and the interior light which gives warm reflections to the room, but above all the quirky style imagined by designer Jake Philipps.

Designheure lamp 299 euros / FILLSTA Ikea lamp 15 euros

Designheure - Ikéa We adopt this lamp with a contemporary design which refers to the Radiolaire table lamp created by the sculptor and designer Raoul Raba in 1968. Between the blossoming of petals, plant or aerial inspiration, we appreciate this model whose transparency of the material leaves radiate mood light in the living room or in the bedroom.

Bloom table lamp 279 euros - COLORS Milly Castorama table lamp € 19.95

Bloom - Castorama Bloom table lamps are completely waterproof and can be installed both inside the house and in the garden. We love the bright colors that we also find in the lamp models offered by Castorama at low prices.

Feathers Pendant Maisons du Monde 100 euros / Blossom But Lamp 40 euros

Maisons du Monde - Aim Do you want to give a poetic atmosphere to your bedroom or living room? Why not opt ​​for this white feather pendant lamp found at Maisons du Monde, or this low-cost lamp at But?

Copper Shade lamp Tom Dixon 564 euros / Bari Inspire Leroy Merlin lamp 13 euros

Tom Dixon - Leroy Merlin These table lamps catch the eye with their design and metallic appearance. The first, in transparent methacrylate with a copper film, is imagined as a sculpture by Tom Dixon. The second, proposed by Leroy Merlin, also in the shape of a sphere, also gives a mirror effect.

Gregg Piccola Foscarini table lamp 210 euros / Kiia PAULMANN Leroy Merlin lamp 17 euros

Foscarini - Leroy Merlin Between the Foscarini brand and Leroy Merlin, the choice is quickly made for those who appreciate designer lamps while saving money. We appreciate the rounded shape of these lamps that are placed in your living room or even outdoors for the first time.

IceGlobe Lumen Center Italia table lamp 592 euros / Exotico Alinéa lamp 20 euros

Lumen Center Italia - Alinéa We fall for this graphic lamp which evokes ice crystals and transports us into a poetic universe. But we also love the 20 euros model from Alinéa, made of metal and white cotton threads, which we put on a chest of drawers or a shelf. The two lamps also allow the light to be adjusted in three different ways.

Night Cinna floor lamp 480 euros / Urban black floor lamp Maisons du Monde 80 euros

Cinna - Maisons du Monde The floor lamp presented by Pascal Mourque gives a modern touch to his living room. With its foot only rounded on the top, it can be placed against a wall. If you have a small budget, choose this aluminum floor lamp with its black cotton lampshade that you will find at Maisons du Monde.