Unusual: spend a night in a Super Mario apartment!

Unusual: spend a night in a Super Mario apartment!

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The Airbnb site is a real gold mine: you can find real nuggets there to stay for a night, a week or more if affinity! This is the case for this apartment for rent in the heart of Tokyo, which has been entirely decorated on the theme of Super Mario. Discover in pictures this apartment that will make all video game fans and lovers of unusual decor dream!

Patterns inspired by Mario mushrooms

Airbnb Among the representative objects of the Mario game, we find the famous red mushrooms with white dots. The owner was largely inspired by this element for his decoration: the curtains, the bed linen or even the coffee table use these same patterns.

A room dedicated to Princess Peach

Airbnb Same decor in the bedroom, which was more specifically decorated on the theme of Princess Peach, the lover of Mario. The atmosphere is very girly in this room all dressed in pink and red.

Homemade decorations in the kitchen

Airbnb In addition to being very inspired, the owner of the premises is full of creativity! He created part of the decoration himself, like these pretty objects made of iron beads representing elements of the Super Mario game. We love the idea of ​​pearl flowers planted in real pots!

Even the bathroom is inspired by the Mario universe

Airbnb No room has been spared, even the bathroom is dressed in Mario colors with a shower curtain with "green mushroom" prints and figurines placed on the windowsill.

A decoration in every detail

Airbnb A true fan, the host also thought of investing in tableware in the colors of Super Mario. If you rent this apartment you will have the opportunity to eat in a Bowser plate or a King Boo bowl.