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Decorative coaching: Arnaud's living room

Decorative coaching: Arnaud's living room

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Our interior design coach helps readers of. Today, she advises Arnaud, who wants to make his living room a comfortable TV space. If, like Arnaud, you want advice on redecorating a room, you too can try to win decorative coaching!

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- Paint the back wall that will receive the TV cabinet in a light taupe slightly tending towards green, in order to bring a personality to the room. This color will also identify the TV corner and warm the room. Taupe is a neutral color that will stay in harmony with your red wall. - To structure the volumes, opt for a deep mat taupe: the matte paint finish brings more depth to a wall.

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- Remove the TV stand which is currently located along the red wall: the space thus freed will facilitate access to the sofas and the lounge area. - You like wood: opt for a closed design TV cabinet, of good length and rather low, so as not to occupy the space visually. Choose it with a low closed storage to keep it neat. - Then place your two "L" -shaped sofas: one facing the television, the other at right angles to the right. It is also a way to close the seating area to make it more user-friendly.

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- Use your existing New York photo to create a triptych of frames with your personal photographs: it will dress the wall with great elegance. Center the first frame in the middle of the wall, above the TV cabinet and space the frames on both sides at the same distance and on the same line. The repetition by three in decoration creates a structuring rhythm and dynamic, graphic and pleasing to the eye. - The tiling is practical and appreciable in family because it is easy to maintain, but it can quickly become cold. To avoid this, dress it with a plant fiber mat (seagrass, jute, coconut or sisal) under the coffee table. It will warm the sitting area. This carpet will also allow you to delimit the space dedicated to relaxation. - Finally, keep your current curtains but add dark gray curtains to give more privacy to the decor and enhance your room with contrasts. The ideal is to harmonize your decoration by dressing all your windows with this new shade; it will also create unity in your two spaces, dining room and living room.



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