Coffee table: the 10 favorites of the editorial

Coffee table: the 10 favorites of the editorial

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Indispensable element of the stay as well for its practical side as its decorative aspect, the coffee table has a new look and we love it. This week, we have decided to present 10 models that caught our eye with their aesthetics and their ability to transform the decor. We let you discover our favorite selection…

Mirror reflections

AM PM We have found the solution to bring light into a dark-colored living room: low tables in the shape of cubes covered with mirrors which reflect endlessly the rays of the sun coming in through the window.

Decorative and practical

3 Suisses Ideal for a short stay, this 3 Suisses coffee table combines design and practicality. We like its sliding tray which allows to hide in its recess the bottles for the aperitif or the plaid of the sofa.

Wooden logs

Maisons du Monde The seaside style makes its show in this space imagined by Maisons du Monde thanks to wicker furniture and a coffee table which uses raw wood logs as a frame. Love at first sight for the glass top which aerates everything.

Mixture of materials

Alinéa At Alinéa, we love this coffee table which strangely resembles a miniature dining table. Its black tray and wooden legs look is perfect for a sober living room with a few touches of yellow.

Small leaves

Ikéa We are totally charmed by these two small leaf-shaped coffee tables from Ikéa. Alone in a small room or two to fill a large space, they are the decorative asset of the stay!

As in the countryside

Maisons du Monde Raw wood top and white wooden frame are the perfect combination for a country house style decor. The advantage of this coffee table from Maisons du Monde: it can be combined with rattan furniture as well as with a brown aged leather sofa.

Nesting tables

Bo Concept At Bo Concept, the coffee table is displayed in threes. We like the side of the tray placed on small trestles with simple and sober lines. Their black color makes them chic, so we do not refrain from installing them in an elegant and masculine decor.

A natural style

3 Suisses We love this coffee table with pure lines and a very modern Nordic design. Its curved wooden top and its metal frame make it a room to install as well in a stay with an industrial look as with a natural style.

Metal and bright color

Ikéa Enhance your summer decor with bright colors? Easy with this coffee table in electric blue metal from Ikéa. We like its small casters which also give it a practical aspect.


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