Cuisine Plus presents its new products for 2015

Cuisine Plus presents its new products for 2015

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New collection for Cuisine Plus! This year, the brand offers a real state of mind through its different styles: contemporary, glossy, design or traditional. Don't hesitate any longer and come and combine your space as you wish with these new trendy kitchens!

A colorful kitchen

Cuisine Plus Red, green, blue, yellow, we all wanted to put a little color in our interior. It's time to dare with these white lacquered furniture and this stainless steel hood! You can easily associate them with flashy walls! Glossy Life model: 4,400 euros

The charm of family homes

Kitchen Plus Family life is often spent in the kitchen. So that everyone can get their hands dirty, Cuisine Plus has designed this convivial kitchen for you with worktops of different heights accessible to everyone. Its light colors will also make this room warm. Cooton Lounge model: 3620 euros

"Marine" cuisine

Kitchen Plus With blue and white furniture you will easily give a marine atmosphere to your kitchen. This model, with a sleek design, offers a functional side with its work plan which extends to accommodate meals for several or work sessions. Glossy Strass model: 4950 euros

Black and white

Cuisine Plus For an ultra-designer kitchen, opt for this "Black & White" combination. The simple and geometric lines of this kitchen, are underlined by the touches of white and create a harmonious atmosphere. Glossy Styl model: 4950 euros

Creative cuisine

Cuisine Plus With its bright colors and tangy facades, this "pop-art" style kitchen will undoubtedly seduce you! Dynamic and original, you can cook pleasantly thanks to its contemporary hood and its central block which adjoins a table that can accommodate 4 people. Glossy Time model: 3,950 euros

A kitchen for everyone

Cuisine Plus This attractive kitchen combines aesthetics and professionalism. With its L-shaped island and its ceramic worktop, it is ultra functional. It also has storage space and an oven which will please all budding chefs! Gliter Soft model: 4,330 euros

For young couples in love

Cuisine Plus In a romantic and warm atmosphere, you will enjoy your spouse's delicious meals. To accompany these light pieces of furniture, bet on a pale pink wallpaper as well as furniture in soothing tones to make the pleasure of the wedding last and stay in its little cloud. Kitty Soft model: 3400 euros

A wooden kitchen

Kitchen Plus With this raw wood furniture you will bring a little warmth to this room. Chair, worktop, credenza, everything was chosen so that the result was user-friendly. Copper model: 4450 euros

Exotic cuisine

Kitchen Plus Thanks to its contemporary lines, this kitchen blends perfectly into an exotic environment with wooden furniture. This very clever model allows you to store household appliances so that they are invisible. Glossy Shine model: 4,350 euros


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