A little romanticism on the wall

A little romanticism on the wall

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** Want to bring a little romance to your interior? There are a multitude of solutions for this. Why not use your walls? Frames, mirrors, lights, wallpapers or chosen colors are all possibilities to soften and romanticize your home. Need ideas? Here is a slideshow that shows you various interiors and decor ideas to bring a little romance to your home. **

The pink

Maisons du monde Pink is the romantic color par excellence. To add a little romanticism to the walls, you can therefore paint them in different shades of pink. Once this stage is finished, you can complete with a romantic decoration.

The light garland

Maisons du monde To decorate and have a light source, think of the light garland. The latter can be flowered, colored or even embellished with feathers. A touch of romance to place on one or more walls.

The warmth of wood

Lapeyre Paneling is a covering that can be romantic. Because of its material, the wood, and its colors, the paneling brings warmth and romance to your interior. Choose light colors!

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Castorama The mirror is a decorative asset and above all an essential element of a romantic atmosphere. Because there are a multitude of models, you will find one that will adapt to your decor and, why not, bring its touch of romanticism.


A3P To bring a little romance to the wall, you can count on the wallpaper. Here you discover a model with floral patterns. It supports a classic decor by bringing a feminine and romantic touch.


Wallpaper from the 70s Another wallpaper, another motif. Here, romanticism is displayed on the wall thanks to the neutral tones of this wallpaper and the presence of butterflies. The decor to associate? A modern and contemporary atmosphere.

Multiply wallpapers

Blooming Garden Here you discover romantic walls where the wallpapers match thanks to three coordinated patterns. Pink is the dominant color. These walls blend perfectly with classic decor and wooden furniture.

Toile de Jouy

Saint Maclou In this photo, you discover three wallpapers: a plain, a floral and a striped for a touch of assured romanticism. Because it is more feminine and more romantic, the variation of wallpaper is offered in pink.


Ikea And if your walls are veiled ... Sheers are a great asset for a romantic decor. They can decorate a window, a bed, but also a wall. For more romanticism, we choose white, beige or pink sheers.


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