Renaissance, a pretty gem in the heart of Barcelona

Renaissance, a pretty gem in the heart of Barcelona

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For this summer, the editorial staff Teva Deco is traveling across Europe. Today, it takes you to the Catalan capital in a prestigious address: Renaissance Barcelona. Located near the famous Gaudi house, this hotel remains a true oasis of calm conducive to relaxation.


Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### A desire for refined cuisine? The restaurant signs a decoration both design and sought after by its white leather seats and porcelain vases.


Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### The room presents by its combination of turquoise and brown colors a cozy and modern universe.

The bar <> by day

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### Located on the 8th floor, the ****** bar is pleasantly furnished by walls of waterfalls and bathed in light. A great moment of relaxation guaranteed!

The board room

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### In the boardroom, discover a classic style with its wooden walls and elegant carpet with rounded patterns.

The sofa area in the lobby-lounge

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### Ideal for relaxing, the sofa area of ​​the lobby-lounge offers cozy pillows with purple, burgundy and peach tones. We also like its chocolate-colored carpet which adds a touch of softness to the room.

The bathroom

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### The black wall covering decorated with white sparkles brings a sumptuous look to the bathroom.

The classroom

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### *** The Renaissance Barcelona Hotel *** invites us into its classroom with a baroque but also high-tech spirit by installing two large flat screens on a wooded wall.

The bar <> by night

Renaissance Barcelona Hotel ### Sip a delicious cocktail with friends in the ****** bar, which at night offers a magnificent view of the Spanish city.


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