Multiple style planters

Multiple style planters

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No need to have a green thumb to choose a pretty planter for the terrace, especially since there is something for everyone and all desires! Small preview images.

A planter / partition

Castorama ### 2-in-1 module with exterior partitions including integrated planter boxes.

A chic and playful planter

Ikéa ### Duo of black oval planters in which we wisely planted a mini vegetable garden. Chic and fun!

A natural planter

Ikéa ### Back to basics with these light wooden models reminding us of the manufacturing pallets. Reclaimed and natural style when you hold us!

A galvanized planter

La Redoute ### True vegetable accessories this slightly curved galva planter!

A colorful planter

Ikéa ### Designed to boost the decor outside, the planter can also reveal itself in color!

A metal planter

Ikea ### The planter bends to the loft / industrial trend by dressing in metal.

A terracotta planter

Truffaut ### The terracotta planter, decorated here with a few grape motifs, is the traditional model par excellence! For all lovers of gardens cultivating an authentic decor.