Sofas: new cover for a new life!

Sofas: new cover for a new life!

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A versatile sofa cover

La Redoute

If your style tends towards minimalism and you like refined decorations, then it is better to favor a cover in neutral color, without frills. Gray is a timeless, very elegant color that blends into any interior, whether Scandinavian or industrial. Take a clear cover but not too much, to avoid too visible stains! BRIDGY 2-seat sofa cover - € 49.99

A cover and cushions

Canvas counter

Choosing the sofa cover is very important and it is better to choose it in a color that will blend easily with you. Gray, navy blue, taupe or beige are safe colors / values ​​to revamp your sofa without the risk of a false note. To go further, also think of adding matching cushions in quantity! Your new seat will only be more welcoming and fluffy. INES sofa cover - € 49.90

The sofa throw for an express makeover

La Redoute

If the cover option does not seem compatible with your sofa because its design or format is too specific, turn to a sofa throw. The result will be less clear but it is precisely all the interest of the throw of sofa, with the more relaxed style. Be sure to choose a pleasant and fluid material, for a rendering just right bohemian! Sofa throw - from € 29.99

A velvet sofa cover


Velvet is coming back in force and is one of these timeless decorative materials. Pleasant to the touch and opulent at the same time, it immediately brings a sophisticated touch to an interior. Mustard, duck blue or burgundy cover: dare vintage colors to give your tired sofa a second life!

A patterned cover


Do you want freshness and change? Then the patterned sofa cover is made for you! Scandinavian chevrons, retro dots or sea stripes, the possibilities are endless. Discreet or flashy, the patterns will transform your new sofa into a centerpiece of your living room decor.

A custom cover

Comfort works

Do you want to give your sofa a makeover without sacrificing the design you love? We understand you! For this, you need to choose a tight fitting cover, with a second skin effect. If however you want something new, do not hesitate to vary the pleasures and opt for a long skirt cover. Your sofa will be transformed!

A graphic sofa cover


You are in favor of the patterned cover, but you want to go further? Rather than having graphic cushions on your sofa, reverse the trend and play the total look card! With its new triangular cover, your sofa will no longer go unnoticed. A great way to give it new life and bring it back in your esteem!

An elastic cover


If you have not found a new cover for your sofa because of its specific dimensions and the throw of the sofa does not suit you more than that, you still have the option of the elastic cover. Ideal for covering all types of seats, it will perfectly fit the shapes of your sofa. You will feel like it has always been like this! Sofa cover - from € 23.52

A tangy sofa cover


Nothing like a sofa in bright colors to awaken the decoration of your living room! Lemon yellow, apple green or even candy pink, dare the vitamin furniture. They will bring you good humor and cheerfulness on a daily basis! Your new sofa cover will quickly make you forget the previous version, you will see.