A weekend in Deauville

A weekend in Deauville

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Between marina, casino, villas, American film festival, golf and beach, Deauville is a prestigious and luxury destination regularly frequented by stars from around the world. Passing through the region, your travel diary begins with these 5 flagship places.

Golf Barrière de Deauville

Deauville Tourist Office ### A golf pose ** Let's not forget that in Normandy, golf is king! This is an opportunity to stop at the Barrière golf course, at Mont Canisy, a few minutes from the center of the city. Apart from sporting pleasure, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the surrounding countryside offered by this exceptional place. **

Hotel room in Deauville

La Closerie ### Sleeping in an elegant place ** An internationally renowned seaside resort, Deauville is a chic place where you can enjoy a night in a beautiful hotel. In this 4-star residence, La Closerie, we find the refinement of a star city mixed with a soft, warm and family side. This was without counting on the hotel's swimming pool, sauna jacuzzi and hammam… **

A typical Deauville home

Jean François Lange ### A villa in Deauville ** During a weekend in Deauville, it is an opportunity to (re) discover the local architectural beauty: the half-timbered houses. All the more so when they are surrounded by lush greenery, like here. Welcome to Normandy! **

Restaurant in Deauville

The Spinnaker ### Tableware: between simplicity and seaside spirit ** At Spinnaker, a restaurant located in the center of the city, everything reflects the spirit that reigns in Deauville: the orange-yellow walls and the red seats give a friendly tone, the white tablecloths on which stand out pretty blue tinted glasses are a nod to the sea. In this simple but subtly decorated atmosphere, one breathes good humor. **