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Red appliances spice up the kitchen

Red appliances spice up the kitchen

The red kitchen is still as trendy in our interiors, home appliance manufacturers offer the accessories to complete it. Whether you want to play the total red look in your kitchen or spice up a slightly sad kitchen, discover our selection of household appliances in a beautiful red.

A red refrigerator

Gorenje What if you match your fridge to your kitchen cupboards or make it the centerpiece of your decor? Gorenje offers a superb refrigerator with retro lines in bright red. Something to change from the traditional white!

The care of laundry in red

Gorenje Sometimes your washing machine or dryer finds its place in your kitchen. And so that household appliances do not clash with the rest of your kitchen, you will find both devices in a very dynamic red.

A red toaster

Magimix To wake up with vitamins, Magimix offers its superb vision toaster with retro red edges. It will find its place perfectly on the worktop of your kitchen all the more if the latter has stainless steel details that will echo in the center of the toaster.

Everyday robots in red

Moulinex Whether it is to grate your favorite vegetables or prepare vegetable moulines, Moulinex offers a whole range of small appliances in a very bright ruby ​​red. We particularly like Fresh Expresse and its colorful connes that sparkle the red of the device.

A red multifunction robot

Magimix At Magimix, you will find a pretty compact and very practical robot in a bright red which will ensure colorful preparations. The impeccable design of the device will make it an ally of the work plans of the cooks.

A red blender

Siméo If you only had to keep one robot on your work plan, it might be this one as it will be useful to you. This blender can be used for your smoothies and other cocktails but also for making soups and other hot preparations since it is a heated model! And its red color can only find its place in the kitchen!

A red popcorn machine

Siméo For festive moments in the kitchen, the popcorn machine is in order! And at Siméo, it offers a deliciously retro look with a brilliant red that will highlight the prepared popcorn.