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10 pop salons to get inspired

10 pop salons to get inspired

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The acidulous colors make their entrance in the living room, and because they are not cold in the eyes, they dare the wildest mixtures: orange, purple, yellow, blue or green; all in the same room! When the pop style dictates the atmosphere, we allow ourselves all the combinations of colors, on condition of putting in full view!

Pop retro

Castorama ### A fine example of a lounge with both pop and retro accents. Its ingredients? Old Coca Cola advertising signs, Converse motifs, hanging lamps exposing light bulbs at the end of colored wires, blue or black walls and green furniture.

Tutti Frutti

Fly ### Cap in a hyper-vitamin lounge. Normal, since its color code is 100% orange pressed, ideal for creating an atmosphere that is both fresh and invigorating.

Pop rock

Fly ### What is special about this living room tinged with yellow, orange or even purple? Having exposed pop or rock works on a shelf along the wall, like a musical collection presiding over the decor ...

London pop

Goal ### In order to boost a rather sober salon, we put on the pop look of the British flag! An oversized beanbag version Union Jack will upset the atmosphere…

Union Jack

Fly ### Another living room that has made Union Jack the key to the decor. Here, these are cushions with the image of the tricolor flag and a blue / red color code that sows a British pop spirit, very popular with students and young workers.

Color block

Fly ### A red armchair, a blue sky-style carpet, a bookcase and a multicolored cushion, did you say color block?

Pop Red

La Redoute ### The secret of this fair? Mix shades of gray and red while using without moderation the star patterns and prints bearing the image of New York to obtain an ultra pop rendering.

Female pop

Fly ### Ladies, ladies, the pop style reveals, just for you, its feminine side. The atmosphere is still as dapper and looks good, the colors, however, are limited to purple, yellow, pink and flashy orange. Everything to seduce you.

Pop offbeat

Fly ### Wall collection of all kinds of clocks, duo of checkered cushion and numbered cushion, coffee table half gray, half orange: the rule of this pop room is not to have one!