20 office chair ideas for young and old

20 office chair ideas for young and old

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1. A workshop office chair


Fan of the workshop style, both industrial and cozy, refined and creative? We choose a simple design office chair with a nice contrast between black metal and blond wood. It is trendy, elegant and practical, and there are even some on wheels for those who are on the go.

2. An ultra slim office chair


If the office corner is integrated into a living room, the good office chair is design, but above all discreet. Good news, a minimalist office chair with a Scandinavian edge does the trick, between a metal base and an ultra-thin white seat.

3. A punchy office chair


What if we added a note of good humor to the workspace? In curry yellow and on wheels, the colorful office chair in fabric combines trendy looks, perfect comfort and absolute practicality. We, we say yes, with a mini office corner as in a real dedicated room, to decline in other bright colors to boost the decor!

4. A metal office chair


With its industrial steel color look or revisited in trendy pastel shades, it is one of the stars of interior design. The famous Tolix metal chair is as divine in the kitchen as it is office chair, especially when combined with white, wood and charcoal black.

5. A Scandinavian office chair


Contemporary design, a warm wooden structure with softened edges, a comfortable seat and back in cozy tones: the scandinavian office chair combines comfort and elegance, as much as we love. Perfect for a chic office corner that gives style to the room.

6. An industrial office chair


A 100% industrial office with a board on trestles and peg boards? We dare 100% industrial office chair, too, with a solid metal base straight from the factory. Associated with a wooden seat and back, it has an effect, but it is better to provide a cushion to sit on!

7. A family home office chair


Sometimes a office chair I don't want to look like an office chair. Why not use a wooden dining chair with a classic and timeless style? We can even recycle an old family chair repainted in white, with a matching desk!

8. A minimalist office chair


Another essential piece of design, the iron chair often used in the garden can become a real decorative asset indoors. With its minimalist style, it is perfect for a corner office… Provided you don't spend the day sitting at the computer without adding a cushion.

9. A vintage office chair


Even in a contemporary interior, a classic style vintage desk can add a note of authenticity and a nice cachet. Especially since old fashioned office chair has a real padded seat to work in comfort without losing elegance!

10. A sleek office chair


It's here scandi office chair par excellence, and it is as design as it is comfortable. With four polished wooden legs and a cocoon-like textile seat, padded from top to bottom, we love it. Especially since it is easily found, at a low price and in a wide choice of colors to match the decor!

11. A designer office chair


Even in a child's room a office chair with a contemporary look can finish a colorful decoration nicely. With its solid metal base, its soft textile seat and its cut back in curved light wood, this is a chair that young and old will love.

12. A bohemian office chair


How about working in a creative and bohemian atmosphere? We recycle an old chair with ornate feet by repainting certain parts in white. And with a rounded back, we have an arty atmosphere for a corner office that boosts inspiration!

13. A cozy office chair


Want a ultra cozy office chair to cocoon while working? We opt for a fabric seat and backrest model, padded and quilted like a comfortable bedspread. On a simple wooden base, the desk becomes a Zen cocoon as chic in the living room as in a dedicated room!

14. A golden office chair


If the metal office chair is design, it is not always chic. The right idea? A version in gilded metal, both design and baroque, divine with an industrial style desk and vibrant colors. Red and gold, black and gold or blue and gold, everything works.

15. A shell office chair


The simplest choices are sometimes the best. In a child's bedroom, a red plastic office chair molded on wheels is practical, fun and design. As for the little ones, it reminds them of a racing car or a soccer team!

16. A country office chair


To respect the classic style of an interior while giving it a facelift, we choose a wooden office chair country-style with rounded shapes… but it is repainted in a modern and elegant color at the same time, from anthracite gray to mustard yellow.

17. An arty office chair


A office chair can become a work of art by choosing a contemporary designer model. Immaculate white with shapes cut out like a sculpture, it turns into a real decorative object, as aesthetic as it is functional! Beware of comfort, that said, when it is not an occasional office area.

18. A chic office chair


Yes, we can also find an office chair that is both design and comfortable. On wheels, with an enveloping purified form and a patinated leather covering, it's a real desk chair who settles in the decor. Professional and chic, please.

19. An ergonomic office chair


When you work at home, there is no question of skimping on quality. We choose a ergonomic office chair with casters which supports the spine and the nape of the neck, follows the movements and softens the seat. And for design, we prefer it sleek, light in color!

20. A ball office chair


You will see it everywhere on Instagram and for good reason, the ball office chair is frankly photogenic. And practical, since it is on casters, and comfortable, since it is fully padded, and accessible, since it is available from the Swedish furniture giant. Who says better ?


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