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A chaise longue in my living room

A chaise longue in my living room

Typically French, the chaise longue is an ideal seat to rest or read comfortably. On the look side, we like it as well in its classic, even baroque version, to play the surprise in a contemporary interior that very drawn with pieces of design. Elongated, with or without armrests, curved or not, the meridian is multiple to adapt to any interior and invent itself as a real decorative piece in the living room. Overview in 10 images of the chaise lounges to adopt in your living room for the start of the school year!

Designer chaise longue

Cassina In a very designer interior, you don't hesitate to use the chaise longue as a work displayed in the living room. We then choose an iconic piece, like the LC4, drawn for the first time in 1929 by Perriand and Le Corbusier, and still reissued by Cassina today.

The sixties note of the show

Buy Design To add a touch of sparkling and retro color in the living room, we dare to play with frank nuances with a seat with clean lines. Yellow, green or orange, the chaise longue becomes an element of sixties decoration that will brighten up the living room.

A chic and practical chaise longue

La Redoute Interiors Between bench and sofa, here is a chaise longue that is both chic and functional, thanks to its integrated end table. We like its geometric lines and the leather / wood combination, very elegant.

Scandinavian daybed

Buy Design We also like the chaise longue in its Scandinavian version, in light wood and pastel fabric. The seat lines are well drawn and the tapered legs, typical of Nordic design. In pink, it will bring a soft atmosphere and a touch of femininity to the living room.

The baroque touch

Maisons du Monde In an old apartment as in a modern loft, a baroque chaise longue will surprise. In velvet, eggplant or carmine red, it will be the theatrical note of your decor.

Bohemian spirit

Maisons du Monde In a cheerful and mixed interior, we hasten to play the bohemian style with a meridian of thick cushions. As for colors, we will prefer orange, red and fuchsia, inspired by Indian decoration.

Contemporary design

Driade We love the Tokyo Pop chaise longue, with organic and ultra-refined forms offered by Driade. Imagined in 2002 by the Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka, it becomes a central element of a living room placed under the sign of contemporary design.

A refined leather chaise longue

Zanotta This chaise longue imagined by the designer duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba is elegant and refined. We like its light lines, its chrome base and its camel leather, delicate and noble. A very beautiful piece that plays on asymmetry while remaining warm.

A minimalist day bed

Ferm Living In a small living room, we think of choosing a day bed style chaise longue, without backrest or armrests. The Turn model, proposed by Ferm Living, will appeal to lovers of minimalist design with its sleek shape and pretty finishes.