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Gardens, Garden: focus on the gardens presented

Gardens, Garden: focus on the gardens presented

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A real source of inspiration for nature lovers, the annual Jardins Jardin meeting opened its doors this morning at the Tuileries in Paris. Zen, urban, contemporary, Mediterranean, this living room around plants takes us from one ambience to another in just a few steps. Visit.

The polypode hut

This cocoon of biodiversity and freshness imagined by landscapers De la Plume à la Bêche is ideal for relaxing and entertaining friends. The plus: made to measure, this cabin finds its place both on a terrace, on a roof or in a building courtyard.

A black garden to invent a world

This mysterious and secret garden has bet on black so that everyone can imagine what they want. Fog curtains reveal three flowering islands that are reflected in the basin and the mirrors that surround it.

Agriculture suspended

The Breuil landscape and horticulture school project wanted to highlight urban agriculture, color in the city and the issue of saving water in green spaces in urban areas.

An urban ecosystem

The concept of the garden imagined by Federica Rivetti and Elisa Campra is very simple: let the green reclaim all the spaces that have been abandoned to it in order to create an urban ecosystem.

An organized plant wall

If you were not convinced by the mix and match plant walls, you may be seduced by the "plant strips" version which puts order in the plants.

A flowered wall

To accompany the ocher wall of your Mediterranean garden, bet on climbing flowers like bougainvillea that dress it with good humor.

In the land of the senses

Listen to the sound of water slowly flowing from the fountain, smell the sweet scent of orange blossoms, let the sun gently caress our skin ... in this Mediterranean garden, our senses are awakened.

A plant bench

To add a touch of greenery to your garden furniture, you can, like here, create a plant folder for your blond wooden bench.

Steps suspended above the water

These pontoons created with thermo-oiled pine modules give a rhythmic and contemporary look to this garden which seems to float in the air.

An oasis in the garden

This dream garden pays homage to the talent of gardeners who, since Antiquity, have used in the palm grove the culture with three plant layers: the high layer with the palm tree which overhangs the middle layer of fruit trees which, in turn, dominate the layer low occupied by spices and vegetables.

A garden out of sight

Inside this oriental garden, the visitor discovers a refuge atmosphere out of sight. A small stream accompanies his relaxation while the stone cloisters make him travel in an instant.

Japanese garden

Calm and sweetness await you in this small Japanese garden. A few square meters are enough to transform a small dark and humid corner into a harmonious and unconstrained place. The proof !

Game of materials in the garden

Temple of metal, this garden designed by Franck Chastanier is likely to surprise more than one with its many messages left here and there.

Beat around the bush

To create a circulation space in the middle of your terrace, here is a good idea to reuse at home: install a large pot in which a palm or an olive tree can be planted.

The urban garden

When the concrete blocks are adorned with graffiti in the middle of the garden, the urban atmosphere comes into being in the blink of an eye.

Gardening in baskets

What a great idea to plant eggplant or tomato plants in wicker baskets! Aligned next to each other, along a wall for example will bring a touch of charm to the garden.

From plant to care

At the four corners of this garden, the medicinal plants used for treatments are revealed and reveal their secrets. A magical break to feel the benefits of nature on the body, but also on the mind.

An imaginary garden

Imagined as a journey that takes us to heaven, this garden has been designed as an imaginary and rigorous construction. We let ourselves be seduced by the water games that barely soothe our feet inside.

A chic and elegant garden

Between classicism and innovation, this harmonious garden plays with curves and intimacy. In the background, a wall made only from champagne bottles challenges, while adding to this chic atmosphere, a touch of originality.