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Ixina: Discover the new 2015 kitchen collection

Ixina: Discover the new 2015 kitchen collection

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We meet there with friends, we taste delicious dishes, this is the place where we start our day. The kitchen is the room where we spend a large part of our time. And that Ixina understood it! For 40 years, the brand has designed custom kitchens for all lifestyles. The editorial team presents to you, in images, the new 2015 collection.

The all-purpose kitchen

Ixina With its sleek design, this kitchen is everywhere! It fits perfectly in your living room or open space. Designed as a central island, it is very discreet and blends in with the decor. Its light colors create a serene and friendly space. Modena model: from € 3,606

The chefs' cuisine!

Ixina Are you a budding cook? This kitchen is made for you! Note your recipes on the slate backsplash and cook on its ultra design worktops. Its simple lines are very contemporary and easily adapts to any interior. Matera model: from € 3,286

Old-fashioned cuisine

Ixina Ixina is inspired by "family home" kitchens to combine contemporary and tradition with the Zenith model. The contrast of wooden furniture and white lacquered doors will bring warmth and modernity. Zenith model: from € 3,976

A very designer kitchen

Ixina This very designer kitchen will find its place perfectly in a contemporary interior. An open kitchen with pure lines where each object finds its place and its function. Original and colorful your room will be atypical. Bahia model: from € 2,446

A small kitchen for a small space

Ixina Lack of space? Ixina has the solution. Mona cuisine slips into every corner. All the furnishings are close at hand and have a well-defined function. No loss of space! The bar brings a friendly side to have a drink with friends and have meals. Mona model: from € 2,786

Cook with your friends!

Ixina Ideal for evenings with friends, this kitchen is convivial since it is installed in the middle of your living room! We love the continuity of the kitchen thanks to its shared furniture with the living room. Its central island, where everything is integrated, offers maximum practicality and functionality for cooking or setting a table. Marjano model from € 3,606

A simple and functional space

Ixina For large tables, large families, this relaxation area is very practical. Thanks to its large worktops you can cook while your children are having dinner. Very functional, the Mango kitchen will allow you to easily organize your family life. Mango model from € 2,566