A dream villa for a vacation under the Carqueiranne sun

A dream villa for a vacation under the Carqueiranne sun

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It is in Carqueiranne, in the Var, that we literally fell for this new 160m2 villa with swimming pool. Realized by the architect Frédérique Pyra, this construction mixes raw architecture, design and modernity, without distorting the surrounding landscape. With, as a bonus, a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean ... Visit the premises.

A villa where you live outside

Pierre Jean Verger Resolutely contemporary, this villa has a long south facade, fully glazed. It also has a wooden grating terrace. Arranged above the void, the latter thus creates a sunbreaker effect for the lower level.

A kitchen-dining area open to the outside

Pierre Jean Verger Open onto the swimming pool and the terrace, the kitchen-dining area offers a decoration and a layout with clean lines, with, as the centerpiece, a work plan in island, all in length, ideal for delimiting the different living spaces.

Large volumes, bathed in light

Pierre Jean Verger Still upstairs, the living room is bathed in light, thanks to large bay windows, overlooking the sea.

A villa on two levels

Pierre Jean Verger To delimit the two levels of the villa, a wooden grating terrace on stainless steel consoles has been fitted out. Suspended in a vacuum, it is embellished with railings - cables and nets - all in stainless steel.

Ideally south-facing rooms

Pierre Jean Verger On the ground floor, the rooms are also facing due south and overlook the sea. Note: the low level of the house was created by digging a restanque - Provençal word for a dry stone wall supporting a terrace culture - already existing.

Contemporary waxed concrete floors

Pierre Jean Verger Inside, all the floors, the staircase which leads to the first floor, and the bathroom were made in an ultra modern material: waxed concrete.

Preserved surrounding vegetation

Pierre Jean Verger In order to conserve the surrounding nature, while making its integration more harmonious, the villa is camouflaged behind the restanques in existing and restored stones.

A green terrace roof

Pierre Jean Verger Above the house, the terrace roof has been planted, further strengthening its integration into existing nature.

An ideally located villa

Pierre Jean Verger The north facade of the villa being completely buried under the ground, it is therefore not visible from the access path located above, and the sea view of the surrounding villas is preserved. As a bonus: direct access to the beach has been created at the bottom of the plot.