Fleux reveals its latest news

Fleux reveals its latest news

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Spring has arrived and with it the new collections from all our favorite shops. Among them, Fleux, the Parisian concept store located in the Marais, which offers us a multitude of more decorative and trendy finds each other. To help you find your way around, here are our 10 new favorites.

Getaway by the sea

Whales, dolphins, giant tortoises and seahorses come out of the water to settle on our spring dishes. Perfect for seaside or simply contemporary style tables!

Graphic and pastel tableware

Graphic patterns and pastel colors are the must-have of the season. So when they are combined on dishes, we can only crack! We adopt without delay these pretty bowls and mugs on the breakfast table.

Easter bunnies

Only a few weeks before the long awaited Easter day and the many delicacies that accompany it. To celebrate this special event with great fanfare, we put on decorative objects in the form of wooden rabbits and bark. Nature is also there!

Original garden tools

At Fleux, even garden tools play the card of originality. With the return of good weather, you can imagine taking care of your vegetable garden or small balcony plantings with these colorful and flowery accessories.

Tie and dye cushions

Cool and cozy spirit for these tie and dye cushions that will be perfect in spring decor. In the bedroom or in the living room, green or pink, it's up to you!

A colorful chest of drawers

The wooden chest of drawers is renewed for our greatest pleasure. Drawers of different sizes, mismatched handles, various colors, this one has everything to make us crack.

Unique desk lamps

Your office also has the right to a unique decoration of its kind. For this, we adopt these lamps that look like small UFOs. Nice, right?

Chic plates

Tired of presenting your good meals on white plates during dinners with your friends? The problem is solved with these pretty charcoal gray plates with a white edge. Simple but chic, we love them!

Origami cushions

If like us, looking at these cushions, you see origami, know that it is only an illusion. On the sofa, he will show off, right?


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