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Baptism decoration: 10 ideas for a boy

Baptism decoration: 10 ideas for a boy

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Make way for the fairyland with the knights


The theme of the knights remains a great classic baptisms for little boys. Indeed, the world of fairy tales remains very popular today. You can decorate the place of the party by taking inspiration from the medieval world, with false swords and large chalice-shaped glasses on the table. Ask your pastry chef to prepare a nice piece-mounted castle-shaped to perfect it all.

Boarding with pirates


For the baptism of your little boy, the pirate theme is a must. Decorate your table with a magnificent treasure made of fake gold coins and pearls. Place shells why not as a knife holder or in the heart of the plate, on the napkin. Favor blue and white to remind the sea. A small pirate ship and a few flags will advantageously complement your decoration.

The tenderness of the cubs


What could be more sweet and cute than a cute little bear? Make it the decorating theme of your little boy to give the party an atmosphere full of warmth and softness. You can place teddy bears in the room and complete them with small figurines placed on the table to a pleasantly regressive atmosphere. The cake can also take up this theme for more indulgence.

Circus fantasy


The circus theme will take all of your guests a resolutely festive atmosphere. Then opt for a red and white striped tablecloth that will remind you of the circus tent. Sprinkle the table with figurines of animals like tigers and elephants. Finally, plan balloons and a candy bar offering popcorn and love apples to your guests.

The poetry of the angels


The world of poetry is not exclusively for little girls. Immerse your boy's baptism in a dreamy and light universe by opting for the theme of angels. Place feathers on the table or hang them from the ceiling in clear plastic balls. Place on the table small figurines in the shape of angels which can echo the decorations of the jars or the dessert.

Football or rugby for athletes


As there is no age limit for getting into sport, make it the subject of your son's baptism decoration. Choose, according to your tastes, the oval ball or the round ball. You will easily find a variety of cups, plates and other decorations to decorate your table or your room. Studded shoes and balloons will complete the set. Do not hesitate to push the detail down to the cakes which can take on the appearance of a field of your favorite sport.

Take to the skies with hot air balloons


Hot air balloons invite you to reverie and at trip. You can make small origami balloons yourself or with small balloons. Hang them on the ceiling to an original and personalized decoration. You can also offer your guests small hot air balloons whose nacelles will be filled with delicious sugared almonds.

Discovering the jungle


The jungle theme is perfect for your little adventurers. To make a success of your decoration, place in the room and on your table foliage, synthetic or natural, like large branches of palm trees. Then decorate with cuddly toys and figurines representing wild animals. You will obtain a colorful decoration full of pep's.

On the road with cars and motorcycles


A decoration based on cars or motorcycles is very suitable for the baptism of a boy. Place checkered flags in the room as well as miniature cars on the table. Plan a candy bar made with metal cans and road signs to an authentic side guaranteed.

Play the blue card


Why not simply choose to make all the decoration for your little boy's baptism in blue? Compose a shade of blue and apply this color on the tablecloth, napkins, plates, balloons, and why not the icing of the cake. You can punctuate your decor with a few white or silver keys to avoid an overly monochrome effect and give relief to the whole.


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