Put some casters in your interior! Discover our 10 decor ideas

Put some casters in your interior! Discover our 10 decor ideas

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1. A trolley on wheels


Ultra-trendy, ultra-practical, serving is THE furniture on casters from the moment. We store files in the office, spices in the kitchen, newspapers in the living room or books in the bedroom… We make an indoor garden for plants or a DIY station for sewing, but above all, we rolls it from one end of the house to the other as needed!

2. A chair on casters


It is undoubtedly the simplest and best known option for adopting home casters, but we often forget how useful and decorative the option can be. The office chair with casters is also available in a design version, which gives style to the room or to an office area, while offering an additional seat that is easy to move when guests invade the kitchen.

3. A kitchen cabinet on wheels


And why not, after all ? With large, solid casters, the designer kitchen furniture form a central island for cooking or move along the walls for an evening, transform into a table for guests or recycle themselves in a cupboard in the children's room. Difficult to find more scalable than a decor that aggregates and disaggregates according to the needs of space!

4. Industrial stools on casters


In an office, kitchen or workshop, industrial stools are already a decorative asset. If in addition, we add casters to them, they still gain in style, move as needed and as much say, delight the children who transform them into racing cars. In this case, we can only advise you castors with brakes.

5. A kitchen island on casters


For a practical and modular kitchen, a tip: add casters under the central island. A simple and decorative trick which, in addition to being functional, makes it possible to enhance a simple table to transform it into an upcycled island ... all that remains is to pull it to cook, push it to tinker and put it away to receive!

6. A velvet chair on wheels


A wheelchair, really ? Oh yeah. Since a beautiful, cozy and comfortable armchair on casters can travel from one room to another, to cocoon from the bedroom to the living room and change the decor over the course of inspiration. Just modify the cushion in each room to transform the atmosphere with each try!

7. A coffee table on casters


It is the most famous piece of furniture on casters, but no question of choosing a coffee table on casters old. We prefer it design, refined, and even why not DIY with an old weathered wooden board, crates or a recovery pallet. Screwing casters underneath is accessible to all DIY enthusiasts and the result is almost unbeatable!

8. A storage box on wheels


To store in style, a raw wooden crate and four casters do the trick. We make it in DIY with funny shapes for the children's room, we recycle a crate with a handle for the room, everything is possible as long as the result is practical: toys, sheets, spare cushions or balls of yarn, shoes or notebooks, you can put everything in there for a designer and tidy interior!

9. A cradle on casters


Baby is growing up, and so are we. Result, we would see ourselves changing the decor of his room with each gram he takes, and with a standard cradle, better to do it in advance. The right idea? A cradle on casters, of course, which changes places in two stages, three movements and even allows you to rock your baby gently ... but again, the brakes are recommended, just in case!

10. A TV cabinet on casters


Give character to a TV stand, a sideboard or a row, it's sometimes as simple as beautiful industrial casters. We choose them in metal, we screw them under a piece of raw wood from the trade or homemade and we admire: it's decorative, it's trendy and it's practical, since we can change the layout of the room over the ideas. In the bedroom as in the entrance, the casters have an effect!


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