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The office decor colors

The office decor colors

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So that the office is both pleasant and conducive to work, you will have to choose the right color! Here are some examples that will help you find the mood to create in your office with color.

A gray desk

La Redoute For an office that is both trendy and soothing, we choose gray in a soft shade like pearl gray. The office remains bright while being conducive to concentration. We don't hesitate to add touches of white to play with the contrasts.

Pastel colors in the office

La Redoute For a refreshing spirit in the office, you can opt for pastel colors. The soft tones will make the space pleasant and help you to concentrate. You can choose blue, green or even pink.

Bright colors in the office

La Redoute Conversely, you can also choose colors that have more pep's to promote your creativity. Acid yellows or greens will be interesting to give a vibrant spirit to an office to stimulate artists for example.

Purple in the office

Paragraph Please know that you don't just have to bet on the walls to add color to your office. If you want purple, an ideal color for reflection, think of the desk top, the chair or even the shelves to bring the color into a white decor.

Red in the office

Maisons du monde If your work requires a dose of passion, do not hesitate and choose red for the walls of your office because this color enhances your emotions. You can reduce the flashy effect by opting for gray furniture for example.

A green office

Ikea Green is a color that also helps with concentration because by recalling nature, it brings a feeling of well-being. You will be able to choose shades of green for your office with apple greens or deeper greens.

Black in the office

Ikea Contrary to what one might think, black is not a negative color. Enveloping, it allows you to feel like in a cocoon and thus to focus on your work. You can therefore adopt it in your office because it will not hinder your concentration.

Natural colors

But Finally, if you want the decoration of your office to be discreet, you can opt for several natural colors which will give a fairly neutral appearance. You can combine beige, taupe or chocolate for a soothing and very trendy set.


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