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10 houses built with amazing materials

10 houses built with amazing materials

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Warning the eyes ! Between originality, respect for the environment and aesthetics, the editorial team unearthed, for you, 10 houses built with materials to say the least astonishing: plastic or glass bottles, bamboo, straw, tires ... and even shells! Prepare to be surprised!

A straw-clad house

Asso footprint Very original, this house, built on a wooden frame, was then covered with bales of straw, an excellent insulator. What protect you from the cold, while reducing your heating bills. Source: Empreinte Asso

A log cabin style wooden house

Geir Drabløs As out of our imagination, this small house, similar to a pretty cabin, was made using wooden planks, and is sublimated by a natural green roof. We're in love… Source: Geir Drabløs

A house made of logs

Alain Richard Located in the mountains, this little house caught our eye. Consisting of a multitude of logs, the construction respects the codes inherent in the chalet spirit and thus fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape. Source: Alain Richard

A house made up of colored bottles

Friedensreich Hundertwasser And to bring a touch of pep while letting daylight filter in an original and colorful way, integrate bottles of different sizes and different colors, in your walls. Guaranteed decorative effect! Source: Friedensreich Hundertwasser

A plant house

Filoli In your garden, play the plant card thoroughly, letting nature take over and sublimate your outdoor decor. Source: Filoli

A house covered with shells

Shell Cottage / Wales Strangely reminiscent of one of the residences of Harry Potter, and the universe so dear to the writer J.K. Rowling, this English cottage is entirely covered with shells. Source: Shell Cottage / Wales

A house with tires

Domienova This is a surprising dwelling, and very respectful of the environment. Indeed, composed of amazing materials, tires and glass bottles, this construction, located in Mexico, offers a bold aesthetic, with a spirit of recovery 'assumed. Source: Domienova

A house made of beer bottles

Annick St-Laurent Ideal solution for bringing outside light into your home while creating a graphic effect? Integrate beer bottles in your walls. Source: Annick St-Laurent

A house decorated with plastic bottles

Domienova Always more ecological, this construction gives pride of place to recycling. Simply composed of a metal structure, decorated with hundreds of plastic bottles, it offers an amazing rendering, which has the merit of leaving us speechless. Source: Domienova


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