10 comfortable and stylish bar chairs

10 comfortable and stylish bar chairs

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Upholstered chairs


Having stylish bar chairs is good, but if they are also comfortable, it's better. The solution to combine aesthetics and comfort lies in the choice of upholstered chairs. The seat and back are then soft and provide incomparable support. It becomes possible to sit there for a long time without feeling pain. You feel as comfortable there as in an armchair.

Back chairs


These wooden bar chairs are reminiscent of our little school chairs. Here they adopt a higher model for a comfort assured once leaning on the bar. The separate folder allows you to support your back well. You can lean back comfortably and enjoy an optimal seat. Style at the same time old and timeless fits easily into any interior.

Scandinavian bar chairs


For several years now, the Scandinavian style has invaded our interiors, from furniture to accessories. Bar chairs are therefore no exception. This type of model offers a nice stability thanks to its sturdy feet. Her sobriety allows it to integrate any type of decoration. Finally, the seat part of the chair offers a appreciable comfort. There is place quite naturally. The rounded shapes offer significant support for the back.

Vintage bar chairs


To combine comfort and style, do not hesitate to opt for vintage bar chairs. The models that we have encountered so far in American "dinner" are now entering our homes. We like the soft seat and backrest and colors full of pep's which certainly bring life and dynamism to any interior.

Plastic bar chairs


This type of bar chair can put an end to misconceptions: plastic can be very comfortable. These chairs have a small backrest that comes relieve lumbar while the edge of the seat follows the position of the thighs. This type of model contemporary can come in different colors that will coordinate with your decor.

Traditional bar chairs


The traditional style bar chairs are reminiscent of the bars of yesteryear. We particularly appreciate theirfiles worked who give lightness to all. All in finesse and length, these bar chairs naturally find their place in all types of interior, from the oldest to the most modern. The wood can be black, white, varnished or colored. It's up to you to choose according to your tastes.

Colorful metal bar chairs


To give dynamism and some personality for your interior design, do not hesitate to fall for these colorful metal bar chairs. The bright colors such as red, blue or yellow combine with white and black. You can choose only one color or prefer the mixer more moreoriginality. Their wide seat and their small back offer a very pleasant comfort

Low back bar chairs


The back of a bar chair does not have to be very high to be comfortable. A small file that just supports the lower back already ensures appreciable comfort. This type of chairs are discreet and light and blends with modern or more classic interiors. Indeed, shapes and colors bet on the sobriety.

Adjustable bar chairs


To be well seated in front of a bar, it is important to be at the right height. Adjustable bar chairs are a great choice. Indeed, everyone can adjust the height from his seat as he pleases. So all the family members, young and old, can take place around the bar in the greatest comfort. To this is added theergonomic seat which provides optimal support.

Classic bar chairs


These bar chairs take the appearance of classic chairs but in XXL version. We appreciate the nice size folder which allows you to lean against it completely as well aslined seat which provides a very comfortable seat. This resolutely classic style brings elegance and refinement to your interior.


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