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Chilean chairs for all tastes

Chilean chairs for all tastes

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Less long than a deckchair, more comfortable than a chair, with a foldable canvas seat but without armrests, the Chilean continues to make its star on terraces and gardens and by the pool or beach. We like its side "easy to carry under the arm" and its way of taunting the garden deck chairs, too bulky. The idleness, nomadic version, it's better! The other good news is that on the decor side, there is something for everyone.

A bamboo Chilean

Fly We knew she was lazy and zen, now, here she is Japanese. From the top of its bamboo structure simply draped in a thin white canvas, the Chilean invites travel and escape for our greatest happiness. Make way for daydreaming and relaxation.

A Chilean at bayadères

Castorama Stripes are still in use this summer, including on our favorite lounge chair. Timeless and trendy, in gray and white or in another color, the bayadère style cannot be refused.

A numbered Chilean

Sailbags The "number" trend continues to infiltrate the decor, including on outdoor furniture. Because fashionistas do not lose an opportunity to be connected, not even when it is time to bask in the sun!

A patterned Chilean

Purpose Summer outfit for this Chilean woman adorned with summer patterns tinged with azure blue and awakened with a few subtle orange touches.

A natural Chilean

Castorama Back to basics for this Chilean woman who has chosen to swap her mythical canvas seat for a fine wooden cladding. Naturally chic.

Very chic duo of Chilean

Ikea Duo of deckchairs with a delicately tapered design inspired by a loom. Elegance in all circumstances, for a well-deserved break.

An all-white Chilean

But Wise as an image, this Chilean dressed in white plays the card of simplicity relaxed version. We say yes!

A Chilean fashion

Sailbags No simple, plain canvas for this style-demanding Chilean chair, but a custom canvas worthy of a fashion designer! In search of an unusual rest in every sense of the word, this is what we favor, a 100% customized accessory!

A Chilean with cushion

Alinéa If you are used to spending hours on the beach as soon as the weather arrives, choose a comfortable Chilean with integrated cushion.

A multicolored Chilean

Leroy Merlin Modern and full of life, this Chilean with multicolored stripes will wake up your wooden terrace in no time!

A Chilean master key

GreenPath If you are not too fond of colorful garden furniture, turn to more sober models like these light wooden Chilean and taupe fabric.

A cozy Chilean

Private Garden Here, the simple fabric veil of the Chilean has been replaced by an ultra-soft and decorative thin mattress with its pink color upside down and floral patterns on the spot! We love it!

A Chilean woman in woven straps

Squareline We fell in love with this Chilean which differs from other models with its braided straps. An ultra contemporary model: the terrace says yes!

A Chilean girl full of good humor

La Redoute To put a good mood in the garden or to take it with you on the beach, adopt this Chilean with colored stripes. We are sure that she will be envious!

An urban Chilean

Leroy Merlin The urban spirit is exported on the terrace with this very original canvas Chilean chair, featuring New York skyscrapers.

A modern Chilean

Maisons du Monde Not a fan of blond wood? It does not matter since the Chilean plays it also gray wood for lovers of more contemporary garden furniture.

A Chilean with natural colors

Paragraph So that your Chilean does not denote too much in your garden choose natural colors such as beige, taupe or even green.

A pastel chilean

Private Garden So that the garden also benefits from the pastel trend this summer, we suggest these pretty Chileans with soft, powdery stripes.


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