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The return of the Memphis style

The return of the Memphis style

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Nicknamed the Memphis group, the designer Ettore Sottsass and his band are part of one of the most striking movements of Italian design in the 80s. Avant-garde, design, the creations that result from this group of young creators are absolutely original thanks to the mixture of shapes, materials and primary colors. Today reissued, some pieces are again entering our interiors. Is Memphis style back?

Tubular furniture

Big Game These funny chairs in bright colors and with an amazing seat fit perfectly into the Italian movement of the 80s. We adopted them without further delay to accompany our wooden dining table!

A design and flashy armchair

La Redoute Interiors This armchair designed by Laurent Corio for Gallery Bensimon is largely inspired by the Memphis style with its contemporary forms and above all the choice of two primary colors for its stretched canvas.

An unusual lamp

Memphis Milano Lacquered metal, unique design, this lamp created by Ettore Sottsass in 1981 will once again find its place in your interiors thanks to the Memphis Milano reissues.

The coffee table by Robert Normand

Robert Normand With its original shape and geometric prints, this Robert Normand coffee table is part of a large collection of unique pieces and furniture from all over the world.

An unusual vase

Benjamin Graindorge Benjamin Graindorge gives us here a vase with atypical and poetic lines. Its unusual shape will delight more than one!

A scarab lamp

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez To try the Memphis style today, the idea is to mix furniture with original shapes, bright colors and unique decorative objects. With this lamp, which looks like a scarab, imagined by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, you are sure to have your effect!

A pastel coffee table

Memphis Milano Created in 1984 and straight out of the imagination of Ettore Sottsass, this low table in laminated plastic with glass top perfectly meets our pastel desires of the moment.

Kartell Sottsass

Adriano Mauri In 2004, Kartell launched a collaboration with Ettore Sottsass which was interrupted due to technical constraints. Sottsass died 3 years later, but Kartell decided last April to pay him a last tribute by imagining 4 vases, 3 stools and a lamp influenced by the Memphis movement.

Mix of colors and materials

Charlotte Lovely Wood, metal and rope… sun yellow, electric blue and pink… this very creative space has fun with the Memphis style without any false notes. Joyful, totally in tune with the times, you can easily be transported.


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