Decorative staging for informed fashionistas

Decorative staging for informed fashionistas

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Stilettos, XXL wardrobe, collection of handbags and jewelry of all kinds finally stop hiding behind the doors of the dressing room. Showing their stylized assets to the fore has become their new back-to-school mantra! Notice to accomplished fashionistas, here is a small repertoire of decorations praising fashion and its precious accessories. To follow closely, to copy why not.

Wall well fitted

Ikea Modest and vertiginous heels rub shoulders on this very chic wall which shows us that even storage is stylish when you are a fashionista at heart.

Celebrity dressing table

Ikéa Difficult to do without a dressing table corner to apply make-up and to dress up every day. And since we refuse nothing, we are inspired by the lodges of stars: golden and bright mirror, jewelry as far as the eye can see, rhinestones and sequins ...

Bracelets on a silver platter

Ikéa Servis on a silver platter, a collection of bracelets ensures a chic and precious setting.

Open-heart dressing

Ikea The pretty dresses and chic outfits stored in the closet, it's over! Now, our most beautiful acquisitions find a place in the decor to explode the hyper feminine side of the room.

Fashion accessory storage

Ikea No need to close all the drawers of this wall storage. The idea is precisely to let glimpse the pretty things hidden there, namely: silk scarves, beautiful scrunchies, big belts ... and many other surprises.

Jewelry boxes

Fly Displayed on a shelf, the jewelry boxes participate in fashion decor by letting the pearls of their necklace protrude.

Precious accessories

Ikea On a corner of the chest of drawers, a series of sunglasses waits wisely for its owner to make her choice while bracelets, brooches and flower-shaped barrette discreetly show off.

Hanging bags

Ikéa Hands up the handbags! Suspended in turn on hooks or hooks along a wall bar, they stand out without fail to play it "organized".

Sewing manequin

Maisons du Monde Since fashion is in the spotlight, so are fashion models! Fine and elegant, their silhouette interferes in the decor before putting on a jacket, a bag, necklaces. Normal, they are dealing with real fashionistas!