10 white flowers to bring a touch of purity

10 white flowers to bring a touch of purity

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1. Gypsophila


Widely used for wedding decoration, the white gypsophila sports a hippie charm to the decoration. Its branches are thin and end with small white ball-shaped flowers. It is a timeless plant that can be dried. This means that it can stay in your room for several years.

2. White arum


Impressed by an oriental charm,white arum is a flower that we sometimes nickname moon flower. Its flower resembles a folded white sheet, from which a yellow pustule springs. It is soft and delicate. However, be careful, it is toxic to cats!

3. Chrysanthemum


Thechrysanthemum is a White flower more discreet, nevertheless in the bouquets it expresses all its subtle elegance. You can use it to decorate the table, to punctuate the flower decoration or to elegantly dress a piece of furniture! The chrysanthemum resists and maintains itself rather well in a vase…

4. The white peony


The peony is an incredible flower which diffuses a pleasant and persistent fragrance! It points the tip of its nose for only a few months and stands out as a high-end, very sophisticated flower. Do like this bouquet of white peonies, get some stems and place them in an elegant vase. The peony is also appreciated for its large bushy flowers which adds a material effect to the decor.

5. The white tulip


This selection of white flowers and light, could not do without the famous tulip! The white tulip is pure and delicate, it spreads and expresses itself in a translucent or colored vase. In the garden, it adds a touch of light in the hedges and borders!

6. The white iris


You like them iris ? Well, express your preference by planting irises in the garden and above all, do not hesitate to add them in the decoration. The iris is available in various colors and it turns out that it exists in white!

7. Thrush


Symbol of May 1, the Lily of the valley makes a brief stint in decoration to celebrate the summer. It flowers in humid and shaded places, that's why, to find it, you have to be patient. Lily of the valley deserves, but once at home, it has its small effect. Be careful, if you have cats, it is toxic.

8. The cotton flower


If you prefer sustainable plants and the flowers that can last for years, head to cotton flower. Once dried, this flower can be kept for a long time. Its charm is soft and cozy, it is perfect for a cocooning decoration.

9. The white lilac


The white lilac is a perfect plant to decorate the garden, however it can also compose fragrant bouquets within the house. The white lilac flowers are bushy and ephemeral, but they affirm their presence through a more than pleasant spring fragrance!

10. The white rose


The pink is a common flower, known and loved by all, that's why it is timeless. So if you love this flower for its romantic side, choose white roses to blow a light breeze in the decoration! In a bouquet, it can also be useful to decorate your evenings…


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