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Colored interiors!

Colored interiors!

Color is a real engine of decoration as evidenced by these 10 interiors where the inhabitants have chosen a very strong colorful bias. Red, blue, yellow or green, here are 10 colorful pieces to inspire you and bring color into your home!

Fuchsia for girls

To brighten up the little girls' bedroom, this family chose rather girly colors since fuchsia is honored both on the walls and on bed linen or furniture such as the bedside table. And to create a contrast while keeping the feminine aspect, touches of purple are available on the fuchsia background.

Blue for furniture

What if the color also came from the furniture? In this interior, the owners have chosen sobriety on the walls but install the color through the furniture. Their sofa then sports a very original blue which is all the more cheerful thanks to the green and yellow cushions placed on it.

The red kitchen

Red is the color par excellence to add spice to your kitchen. We then adopt the total red lacquered look for furniture that then makes the show throughout the room.

Patchwork of colors

In this living room, color is more than in the spotlight since it is she who entirely creates the decor with red on the sofa, yellow on the furniture, blue in the decor accessories or a real patchwork carpet of colors!

A green bar

To give a festive air to this bar which will welcome friends and family for long evenings. Toned and vitamin atmosphere guaranteed! Green also offers an exotic style that goes perfectly with woven chairs.

A yellow wall

To energize the wall above the sofa, the inhabitant of this apartment has offered a section of yellow wall that becomes the scene of the words of a song from the Rolling Stones that completely dress the wall.

Orange pop

To awaken this living room in chocolate tones, touches of orange color are distilled on the sofa with the cushions or on the coffee table with very pop round shapes.

Tart green

To make the kitchen very friendly, nothing like color! On the walls you can bet on a tart shade that will vitiate the preparation of meals. We then choose fairly simple kitchen furniture in a white color for example so as not to overload the space.

3 walls 3 colors

Dare to color by painting a different shade on each wall! In this apartment, the owners mix blue, orange and green to create an original and festive space. Even the sofa adds a new color by sporting a beautiful raspberry red. Discover other colorful interiors.