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Visit of a very design Parisian apartment

Visit of a very design Parisian apartment

In Paris, the owners of a loft-style apartment open their doors to us to let us discover their very design and refined decoration. We take the opportunity to get inspired and find some decorative ideas. Visit.

A revisited sofa

Here no sofa to sit in front of the TV because the view over the rooftops of Paris is much more sensational. Suddenly, a few cushions near the large picture window provide a comfortable bench that turns the habitat outwards.

A revisited dining room

As for the dining area, again no traditional space! The dining room is transformed into a large high counter where bar stools sit. Note that this also serves as a separation between the kitchen and the rest of the room. Its red color recalls that of the cushions and energizes the whole apartment.

The designer kitchen

The kitchen also gives pride of place to the design style with sleek furniture that incorporates chrome appliances. The credenza is made graphic with a linear pattern and the whole is highlighted by a lighting of the work plan.

Designer furniture

Whether on the first shelf or upstairs, the furniture plays the sleek. In this space, there is a transparent coffee table and glossy white poufs that offer beautiful effects of materials and play with the brightness brought by the immense picture window.

Design lighting

At nightfall, the apartment lights up with the help of numerous light sources which continue to be part of the design spirit of the place. There are designer lamps, original and refined forms that enhance the whole apartment.

An unusual staircase

To access the first floor, the staircase is also very designer. It is a metallic structure around which the glass staircase steps are wound. The whole takes up little space and presents itself as a real sculpture of contemporary art.

The white and red room

In the bedroom, we find the same ingredients with white as a backdrop, black for the ultra design furniture and as in the kitchen, red comes to structure the whole. The bed linen sports this powerful color and remains the only colorful touch in the room.

The graphic bathroom

In the bathroom, the design style continues with a very graphic look that combines black and white. The two basins are separated to form two graphic cubes and the large rectangular mirrors accentuate the geometric aspect.

Design terrace

Outside, the vegetation takes over the terrace. The different plants are installed in pots that imitate concrete and have very clean lines to maintain the design style of the interior. The only extravagance, a pink chair adds a festive touch. Continue the visit!