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10 balcony tables that don't take up space

10 balcony tables that don't take up space

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Do you have a small balcony? Rest assured, this does not prevent you from taking your meals in the open air. Today, there are a multitude of compact and practical tables to enjoy every outdoor space, even the smallest. Do you still have a doubt? To convince you, here is our selection of 10 balcony tables that don't take up space!


Jardiland The bistro spirit comes to your balcony with this table and chair set offered by Jardiland. We love the sobriety of the design and the perfect size of this furniture. A must have for a decorative balcony!


Lapeyre Here is a set as classic as it is elegant. The style is reminiscent of pretty terraces and the clean side brings a touch of refinement to your balcony. Everything has the ideal size for your small balcony.


Leroy Merlin Thanks to Leroy Merlin, you can create a magnificent balcony that is as chic as it is urban thanks to this metal and black outdoor furniture. We love the style and elegance of the whole! The editor's favorite!


Leroy Merlin Do you want a small Zen lounge on your balcony? Thanks to Leroy Merlin it's possible. The brand offers mini tables and armchairs adapted to small spaces to enjoy the good weather with peace of mind.


Leroy Merlin Because a balcony can be colored, Leroy Merlin offers you brightly colored tables and chairs. The models, made of metal, are perfect for small spaces and coordinate endlessly.


Leroy Merlin Thanks to Leroy Merlin, you can create a personalized space full of freshness on your balcony. It's up to you to choose between a round or square table and between white and colored chairs! A really clever collection…


Alinéa Guaranteed space saving for this outdoor set ideal for small outdoor spaces. It consists of a small table and two armchairs and can be stored very easily.


Delamaison To take full advantage of your outdoor spaces, nothing like a modular garden furniture. Delamaison has understood this need and offers a collection to personalize. The sizes are adapted and the colors full of gaiety!


My Balconia Thanks to this folding table, even the smallest balconies can be used. Practical and pretty, it comes with two coordinated chairs. An idea of ​​genius!


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