Ideas to revamp a kitchen furniture

Ideas to revamp a kitchen furniture

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Who says back says desires for news. Note that in the kitchen, a simple makeover of the furniture is sometimes enough to boost the decor. An economical alternative when you don't want to change everything, especially since the possibilities for "customization" are numerous. Small overview.

With new handles

Goal ### Incredible as the little things are enough to rejuvenate a decor. Here, by exchanging the worn handles of the furniture for more modern models, the kitchen is getting a hell of a makeover!

With stickers

Paragraph ### This is the simple and inexpensive option par excellence: stickers. Put on small pieces of furniture in the kitchen, they bring a refreshing and whimsical note.

With inscriptions

Maisons du Monde ### What if you stencil pretty old-fashioned inscriptions on your furniture? An original and vintage way to personalize your kitchen. It's up to you to rename the drawers to "vegetables", "fruit" or "spices", or to dare an inscription such as "counter" or "bistro" over the entire length of the buffet.

With color in small touches

Leroy Merlin ### Special furniture paints allow us to renovate the kitchen with a few brushstrokes. To know that a single note of color is sometimes enough to zwing the decor! Demonstration in pictures with this gray set awakened with a subtle bright red touch.

With color on all furniture

Fly ### Another possibility: repaint all the furniture to give the impression of having completely changed the kitchen!

With patina

Maisons du Monde ### By skating the furniture with a sponge soaked in white or silver paint, we transform the furniture into charming furniture. The authenticity chic version also gives new life to the kitchen!

With curtains

Fly ### The kitchen makeover with textiles inspired by the 1950s, we are for. Just swap the doors of one or two low cupboards for decorative curtains. And the retro trend gives the room a little makeover!

With posters

Maisons du Monde ### For the do-it-yourselfer, know that retro vintage posters can dress up your kitchen furniture in style. The only catch? Get started!