Tiles: the trend is for large formats

Tiles: the trend is for large formats

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From the terrace to the bathroom, through the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom, the large-format tiles dress all the floors of the house in style. With a sleek, designer aesthetic, it infuses a contemporary spirit and brings a certain lightness to the room. Concrete, stone or wood aspect… discover our 20 inspirations to adopt this trend without committing any odds!

Nice meeting

Lapeyre Special mention for this combination of large format mosaic and tiling that graphically and aesthetically isolates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. A nice way to delimit the space without going through the partition box.

Marble slabs

Porcelanosa XXL tiles and marble… this is the perfect match! A winning idea, to bring light and elegance to a room. The small purses will fall back on imitation marble slabs. Small budget, maximum effect!

Material effect tiles

Tile of Spain Credenza wall with textured effects and wooden sink cabinet intermingle in this bathroom for a high-end graphic and artistic result!

Wood blade imitation

Lapeyre Made of glazed porcelain stoneware, this XXL tile imitating the wooden slats of the outdoor terraces will seduce you with its natural elegance. Its more, it is anti slippery!

Concrete effect tiles for 100% Provencal decoration

Saint Maclou To give a Provencal style to your interior it is important to bet on raw and natural materials. On the ground, we opt for an imposing paving in glazed porcelain stoneware, which by its very presence evokes Provencal mas with old visible stones.

Structured cement tiles

Lapeyre For the living room but not only ... We love this large format dark metal color tiles. Its aged appearance, its dark but chic color makes it a first-rate decorative ally.

Color fade

Tile of Spain The faded effect, a relic of the hippie fashion of the 70s returns to the front of the scene in 2015. Raising the craze of ethnic decoration, the brand Tile of Spain has thus imagined XXL tiles in a tie and dye. A great success!

Tiles inspired by the Nordic style

Surface With its graphic lines and its nuances as soft as trendy, this tile signed Surface is a delight. Small or XXL format, it's up to you!

A trompe l'oeil carpet

Castorama No, this pretty rug is not a model that you can move and change as you wish. It is actually a trompe l'oeil carpet made with XXL tiles and tesserae of mosaic tiles. Simple and efficient !

Ultra-shiny tiling

Porcelanosa Combining shine and XXL size with a lot of allure, this black tile will easily find its place in a bright room. It's your turn !

Decorative tiles

Castorama Decorative wall tiles prove to be an effective and inexpensive solution to give a new look to your room. For more originality choose a large format model in length. It will bring modernity and unity to your interior!

Timeless ceramic tiles

Porcelanosa All in elegance and delicacy this ceramic tile of 59.6 x 59.6 cm is ideal to illuminate and enlarge an interior. We love its pure and essential simplicity.

Slate tiles

Porcelanosa A must for natural decoration, slate tiles will offer aesthetics and functionality to your water features. You will quickly succumb to the charm of its fine grain, its velvety touch and its poetic undulations. And, to energize your space, bet on a large format model.

Waxed concrete effect

Castorama Decidedly trendy, imitation waxed concrete tiles alone will bring a contemporary touch to all the rooms he will dress. Chosen in large format, it will bring a feeling of space to your room.

Mix & match!

Castorama A sandstone tile that mixes patterns and plainness for a raised floor with personality! A real wonder.

Mix formats

Tile of Spain A good tip for energizing your interior is to mix small and large tiles. The proof in pictures!

Neutral tiles

Brico Dépot To emphasize the decor, we put on a large, neutral and clear floor covering for an interior where order and clarity reign.

A controlled association of colors

Lapeyre In the same spirit, we like this association of XXL white and black tiles, delimited by a border of mosaic. A powerful contrast with the most beautiful effect!

A mix of materials

Porcelanosa The most daring, those who are not cold in the eyes, will not hesitate to mix several types of tiles with different materials: shiny marble and porcelain stoneware, shiny tiles and textured tiles. Beware, however, of taste errors!