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Recuperation ideas to create a coffee table

Recuperation ideas to create a coffee table

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To have a coffee table in the living room, it is not necessarily necessary to buy one! Indeed, you can opt for a recuperated idea to create an original coffee table. We offer 10 ideas to make at home.

A garden accessory

Maisons du Monde If you have flower pots in your garden, you may have an accessory that allows you to move them easily. Well, be aware that this skateboard, very useful in the garden, can also become your coffee table. You can even use the space provided for the pot as a space to put candles for example.

A low buffet

Maisons du Monde Note that you don't have to use a coffee table. On the contrary, you can also choose to install a low sideboard with drawers and which will perfectly serve as a coffee table.

A tray on a structure

Maisons du Monde After a stay in Morocco, you would like to highlight the large metal tray that you brought back. How about transforming it into a coffee table? It will suffice for this to recover an old base of coffee table or side table and fix on it your large tray.

An industrial table

Maisons du Monde If you want an industrial style for the coffee table, you can show originality by recovering casters that you will simply fix on an aged wooden board.

A tour trunk

Maisons du Monde In music stores or even flea markets, you will find trunks that singers and other artists have the habit of carrying on tour to store their equipment. Divert this original object into a coffee table by installing it in the living room. You can also add casters to it for convenience.

A sculpture coffee table

Maisons du Monde For a stay with Zen accents, play the balancing act by opting for a large tray that you will fix on a small wooden box. The tray will then appear to be in balance for a very sculptural style.

A composed coffee table

La Redoute What if you compose your coffee table? It is enough to multiply wooden blocks to create an original structure and completely in tune with the times. Mix different heights to give character.

Ends of sofa

La Redoute To set up a space as practical as a coffee table but much less fixed, bet on the ends of the sofa that you will place side by side. They will then serve you as a coffee table but can also be moved as you wish.

A trunk coffee table

Fly Finally, be aware that any trunk or suitcase can be used as a coffee table. It will also have the advantage of offering you additional storage space, making it an ally of small spaces and original decorations.