Walls see red

Walls see red

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Projected on an entire room in the scenography of Elizabeth Leriche and dressing a large collection of decorative objects mimicking fire in the scenography of François Bernard, we can say: the color red was noticed on the edition of September 2012 from Maison & Objet. It's the walls' turn to love them, and in every room of the house without exception. This slideshow explains why.

In the teenage bedroom

Castorama ### Followers of Union Jack and pop atmospheres, teens should not refuse the decoration of one of their walls in red, a color that will only spice up their decor more and assert its rebellious character and well tempered.

In the kitchen

Lapeyre ### Because we are constantly active there, the kitchen is the favorite room of the red color. This one indeed infuses him with a sacred dose of dynamism and energy, all that we need at the time of preparing the meal. To our stoves!

In the corridor

Leroy Merlin ### Color of glamor, red is also appreciated for its ability to give chic to a space. This is the case of the corridor, which, in need of decoration, has metamorphosed thanks to it, into a sophisticated space.

In the stairs

Leroy Merlin ### Boring stairs, we don't want them. To awaken their punch, we dare red on a whole section of wall. Bold.

In the bathroom

Graham & Brown ### The room dedicated to relaxation tolerates calm red, coral or grenadine color. An original way to invite romance and femininity in the bathroom!

In the bedroom

Castorama ### If red, considered too exciting for a room dedicated to sleep, is generally not recommended in the bedroom, there is an exception to the rule in a decor in search of femininity and glamor. With a deeper than vivid red, it's won.

In the living room

Leroy Merlin ### An active piece par excellence, the show is also well suited to seeing life in red. The right idea? Create a note of pep with a red rectangle painted on a wall.