When the Zen attitude takes over the living room

When the Zen attitude takes over the living room

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The more the holidays approach, the more we seek an escape from our daily life. What if we started by making the living room a place of relaxation and tranquility? Here are 5 Zen atmospheres for dreaming…

A zen country-style lounge

Ikéa ### The serene atmosphere of a room can easily be given by a natural note of country style. Flowered sofa, walls covered with paneling, wooden furniture and a few green plants: everything you need to get away from the greyness and noise of the city. Despite the reduced space of this living room, the room exudes well-being and invites us to a moment of relaxation and tranquility.

When the contemporary atmosphere meets the Zen attitude

Conforama ### A modern and zen atmosphere at the same time, it is possible. The proof in pictures! The secret ? A clean, well-lit space, a soft carpet and simple but designer wooden furniture, on which flower vases are available. No need to make tons of them! A flowering branch or an orchid is enough to confirm the delicate nature of the place. Here is a decor that has something to inspire you…

And the living room becomes intimate

Paragraph ### The benches are popular. Their soft and refined appearance is perfect for desires of rest and comfort. The right idea? Adorn the whole with a set of ecru cushions for more decoration. And to polish the decor, you can't do without a soft carpet on the floor, a woven fabric ottoman and a set of stacked lampshades. Between soft lighting and cozy seats, it's hard to resist this very intimate living room!

Focus on natural materials

Goal ### What if we called on nature to meet our thirst for serenity? By bringing inside materials from beaches, forests and countryside, it is a breath of fresh air and a soothing wave that we invite into the house. It's decided, furniture, lights, wallpaper and carpets will be chosen from well-defined materials: wood, rattan, pebbles, wicker or driftwood. A natural composition in the living room is a guaranteed Zen atmosphere!


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