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Architect's advice: how to arrange an L-shaped living room?

Architect's advice: how to arrange an L-shaped living room?

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Setting up an L-shaped living room is not as simple as it seems. Succumbing to what seems obvious, namely to have a corner sofa or two sofas in the corner of the room, is not the most judicious location, especially when the living room wants to be multifunctional. The space should be structured and organized according to the priority activity areas desired, in order to create a room that is both welcoming, relaxing and convivial in the heart of the house.

Plan n ° 2: an L-shaped lounge for a couple or a single person

Angélique BLANC This medium-sized L-shaped living room, ideally suited for a couple or a single person, has a complex configuration to fit out because of the small widths of the room (2.50 m and 1.82 m). A very functional office space equipped with wall storage is installed not far from the window, at the end of the room for more tranquility. The small but effective and cocooning relaxation area occupies the remaining area. It is provided with a single sofa, three places, which can serve as extra sleeping. In front of the sofa, the wall receives the TV cabinet and numerous storage compartments in height, in cubes, for more lightness. The sofa is chosen white, in order to visually enlarge the space, and finally, a mirror is placed in front of the window, reflecting daylight.

Plan n ° 3: an L-shaped lounge for a family with young children

Angélique BLANC This L-shaped lounge is for a family with young children. It has the advantage of offering a beautiful total surface, but also the major drawback of having part of its surface "in the corridor". This more limited space is used as a games room to the delight of children… and parents, who will thus be able to limit this children's space. In the extension of this play area is the dining area, close to the kitchen. There then remains an almost square volume to be fitted out, which receives two two-seater sofas facing each other, arranged perpendicular to the table so as not to cut and enclose the relaxation area. Finally, two storage spaces, occupying a section of wall each, are arranged at the ends of the L.

Plan n ° 4: an L-shaped lounge with a dining area and a relaxation area

Angélique BLANC The choice was made to give the same importance to each zone (in terms of surface), thus allowing to arrange the table near the kitchen and to create a large custom-made piece of furniture in L, receiving the crockery and the television screen on its return. This piece of furniture delimits and structures the spaces while creating a link between them. In terms of relaxation, a single large corner sofa occupies the space so as not to lose flow. In this space, different lighting can be brought in, more cozy and subdued, more like wall lights than a single pendant light.