Recovered ideas to create a headboard

Recovered ideas to create a headboard

Recycling is an art that can truly give character to your interior. In the bedroom, one can for example imagine creating a headboard using recycled materials. We suggest some ideas to implement to offer you an original headboard.

A shutter as a headboard

Maisons du Monde Here, the shutters give way to a shutter with an aged look that will give character to the entire bedroom. You can hunt for old shutters in flea markets or buy a shutter at a low price and customize it to give it cachet.

Library furniture

Purpose For a headboard that also serves as storage, one can perfectly use an old bookcase as headboard. Slide the furniture behind your bed and do not hesitate to store books to refine the decor.

A headboard with storage

Ikea Otherwise, you can just as easily opt for a two-in-one headboard with storage. Thus, you no longer need to worry about a bedside table if you lack space in your bedroom.

A table as a headboard

La Redoute To dress your headboard, you can simply use a panoramic table that you already own and place it behind your bed to stage the upper part of the bed.

A fireplace as a headboard

Snappy Pixels If alas, your bedroom is small and your fireplace is doomed, why not fill this space at the head of the bed? With a little paint and a few decorative accessories, the old fireplaces can make superb headboards.

Two wooden planks

Blanc des Vosges To materialize the headboard and protect the surface of the wall from friction, we simply fixed two wooden boards on the upper part of the wall of the headboard. We will voluntarily exceed the planks on each side of the bed to give it more space.

Two small headboards

La Redoute To create a headboard for a double bed, you can quite add two headboards to a single bed. It might be a good idea to reuse the headboards of the children's room just repainted.

The art of customization

Castorama To bring a touch of originality to a bland and impersonal room, nail down some sanded wooden planks and customize them with an illustration or a word. Guaranteed effect!

A recess as a headboard

Castorama Admittedly, it is not really a recuperated idea, but this tip simply caught our eye! So, if you have an unexploited recess, do not hesitate to transform it into a real headboard. In addition, you can put your lamp and your bedside books there.

A headboard with photo frames

Castorama How about a personalized headboard? All you need to do is fix together several photo frames that will accommodate the photos of your loved ones or works that you appreciate for a unique decor that looks like you.

A wooden headboard

AM.PM For a natural spirit in the bedroom, the headboard can be dressed in wood. For this, you can collect a large wooden board that you will attach to the head of your bed. To give it a little more style, do not hesitate to fix sconces on both sides.

A headboard in table tops

La Redoute Recover 'and original! We love this headboard made with table tops. Round, square, rectangle or oval, it's up to you to collect old trays and then assemble them.

A wallpaper headboard

Castorama If you lack space and means, you can liven up the rest area by betting on a decorative headboard and not expensive in trompe l'oeil. The idea? Draw a headboard model in a roll of wallpaper. Cut out and fix your creation on the wall using wallpaper glue. Mini budget, maximum effect!

A rattan headboard

Maisons du monde For a natural and authentic bedroom, what could be better than a rattan headboard. Elegant, it will bring a chic and exotic touch to your space, with ease.

Seaside spirit

Lorraine Magazine Want to bring a marine touch to your room? If this is the case, you just need to collect a few oars and place them behind your bed. It is not even necessary to repaint them: their worn appearance will give an authentic touch and cachet to your room.

An embroidered headboard

Ikea If you like making with your own hands and love above all sewing, then this headboard is made for you! To make it, you will simply have to find a fabric on which you will draw the desired word or sketch. Once this step has been completed, all you have to do is embroider the fabric with colored cotton thread on the drawing.

A headboard in pounds

Design Everyday A very nice idea for bookworms, a headboard made by simply hanging books next to each other. If you don't have enough books, you can opt for trompe l'oeil wallpaper.