Tips from BOX decorators to stitch

Tips from BOX decorators to stitch

During 2011-2012, students from the MJM Graphic Design school were selected by the animator Cendrine Dominguez to take up the challenge of the Téva Déco BOX. That of arranging a white box of 15 m2 according to the chosen theme. They tell us today about their personal decorating tips. Here is an overview…

Sophie's decor tip: play with transparency

Fly ### To offer a sober and refined decoration, Sophie decides to play on transparency by accumulating glassware in a small space. A tip that can enhance and strengthen the luminous appearance of a room.

Anne Laure's decoration advice: mixing styles in decoration

Maisons du Monde ### We often dread the total look in our homes. However, it is good to dare in the decor. Anne Laure's advice? Get inspired by the things around us! Like, for example, memories of holidays that will bring a touch of freshness and originality to the space.

Eléonore's decoration advice: optimizing small spaces

Ikéa ### Optimizing small spaces? The decorator Eléonore knew how to deal with it by emphasizing the importance of lighting. She then installs in the corners and in the corners of the room, small light sources offering a feeling of depth.

Jérémy's decor advice: bringing nature into the decor

Le Grand Comptoir ### In recent years, the trend has been Zen! To bring nature into the decor, Jérémy gives priority to recycled wood and natural paint in order to create a clear and refined space facilitating circulation.

Angèle's decoration advice: blue in decoration

Point P ### The blue color embodies imagination, dream and tranquility. It is a universal tone that fits wonderfully in any type of decor whether contemporary, retro, art nouveau or exotic. Angela uses it in a parent's room with a baby area. Indeed, blue would have the virtue of not disturbing the infant's sleep.

Charlotte's decor advice: accumulation and repetition

BHV ### means bringing together objects of the same kind in a given space. Charlotte dramatizes and awakens the wall of space by vertically arranging three rows of photo frames. We like the studied and resolutely graphic side of this tip.

Marine decoration advice: orange in decoration

A3P ### By combining orange with fairly light colors and dark furniture, Marine has fun with contrasts and keeps the assets of this pop tone while thinking not to overload the room.

Ingrid's decor tip: Strips in decoration

Téva Déco / D'Home Productions ### The strips of paint, whether horizontal or vertical, have the effect of assigning relief to a space. In the change of scenery, Ingrid had to highlight a fairly high ceiling height. She then went to horizontal bands to give the living room a softer and more cozy character.

Christal's decoration tip: Play with odd numbers

D'Home Productions / Teva ### In order to boost its decor, Christal is betting on the use of odd numbers. It leans towards circles of discreet colors and master key, applying to a large number of atmospheres.