Decorative walls: the wood effect at all costs

Decorative walls: the wood effect at all costs

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What represents autumn better than a walk in the woods? Nothing. It is perhaps for this reason that in the season of chestnuts and chestnuts, we dream of transforming our home into a wooded setting. Quickly, we decorate the walls with a birch, pine or beech effect, ideal for skillfully warming the decor and spreading a charming autumnal softness…

In the bedroom

Ikéa ### How to resist the crazy charm of this room, provoked by the audacious bias taken on a light wood-colored wall. Calm and sensual pleasure.

In the dining room

Goal ### We love the infinitely elegant softness of this dining room, the secret of which is nothing more or less than the decoration of the walls. Dark wood and visible grooves propel us into the heart of the forest.

In the kitchen

Fly ### Scandinavian-inspired, this wooden splashback invites a charming sweetness in the kitchen. Normal, its essence is clear and refined, the happy medium between a chic and natural style.

In the corridor

Leroy Merlin ### The wood trend does not exclude gray species, and for good reason, these combine nature style and contemporary spirit. In the idea, we totally adhere to this light gray trompe-l'oeil imitation paneling.

In the entrance

Aviva ### In the kitchen entrance, a rectangular coat rack in beech color plants a 100% natural atmosphere.

On the door

Moove Paper ### On the door, we stick a repositionable wallpaper like wooden boards superimposed on each other. Or the best way to bring a "chalet" touch to its interior.

In the storage

Fly ### Immersion on the side of the kitchen storage. A corner reserved for tea towels and dishes on a background surprisingly coated with a pretty beech color.


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