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"Little schoolboy" version decors: school subjects make the wall!

"Little schoolboy" version decors: school subjects make the wall!

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Using a poster, a strip of wallpaper or a blackboard evoking their favorite discipline, the universe of the school invites itself into the children's room. Creating a studious atmosphere, perfect for revising, these decorative details give the space an irresistible retro note. Get inspired!

Conjugation of the verb to be

Domestic ### In addition to the French course, the children's room adopts a wallpaper listing all the conjugation of the verb to be, from the present indicative to the past tense, including the imperfect or the subjunctive. The best way to review without noticing?

World map

Ikea ### Nothing like an XXL format to appropriate the world map. This is done in the bedroom of children who love discoveries and travels or passionate about geography…

Natural science lesson

Maisons du Monde ### If your children are already passionate about natural sciences, an explanatory diagram on an animal species of interest is posted in their room. By opting for a special format "insects", we give a little air "cabinet of curiosities" to the room.

Special crossword

Castorama ### Before becoming one of the favorite activities for relaxation breaks, crossword puzzles were a fun exercise in the first French lessons. They are now found on the wall, combining a retro school atmosphere and a playful touch!

A blackboard on the wall

Maisons du Monde ### Nothing like a blackboard above the desk to solve problems, divisions and other calculations when you love math!

Conjugation of the verb to have

Déco In ### For a perfect mastery of conjugation, this child's decor simply displays the Bescherelle page corresponding to the verb to have!

Human body

Domestic ### To locate and remember the location of the kneecaps, phalanges, femur or tibia, we surround ourselves with a strip of wallpaper in the human skeleton style.

Europe in the spotlight

Maisons du Monde ### Proudly displayed on the wall, a map of Europe found in a flea market highlights the fifties atmosphere of this child's room.


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