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10 office armchairs that have marked the history of design

10 office armchairs that have marked the history of design

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Are you a design lover looking for a new office chair that would have made history? Arne Jacobsen, Jean Prouvé, Vico Magistretti… the editorial staff offers you a little tour of the work chairs whose reputation is well established.

Aluminum Chair

Vitra Charles and Ray Eames designed and developed the Aluminum Chair in 1958 in the private residence of an art collector in Colombus in the United States. To change from the usual hull, the couple imagined a fabric or leather panel between two lateral aluminum uprights, thus obtaining a flexible but firm seat. Source: Vitra

The Saarinen Executive Chair

Knoll Created in 1950 by Eero Saarinen, the Executive Chair transformed the traditional executive chair with its sculptural shape and very modern finish. Source: Knoll

The Gas Chair

Stua The creators of the Gas Chair dreamed of a light and fluid chair like gas. The seat thus designed is now easily recognizable thanks to its timeless and minimalist lines. Source: Stua

Oxford chair

Fritz Hansen The original version of the Oxford chair was designed for teachers at Collège Sainte-Catherine in Oxford. The one nicknamed "the teacher's chair" allowed Arne Jacobsen to receive an honorary doctorate from the prestigious school. Not bad is not it ? Source: Fritz Hansen

The Drop Chair

Fritz Hansen Also designed by Arne Jacobsen for the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the Drop Chair (which looks like a small drop of water) is full of personality. We love it! Source: Fritz Hansen

The Pollock Executive Chair

Knoll The use of a single strip of aluminum to hold the leather seat can only leave us smug in admiration of this chair introduced 50 years ago by Charles Pollock. Source: Knoll

The Brno Flat Bar Side Chair

Knoll Clean profile, minimalist lines, meticulous details, the Brno Flat Bar Side Chair reflects the revolutionary simplicity of the original environment of its author: Mies van der Rohe. Source: Knoll

Maui chair

Kartell Elegant line, sober colors, practical side, the Maui chair by Vico Magistretti is a versatile project that can satisfy the most varied requirements. To install urgently behind your design desk. Source: Kartell

The Executive Swivel Chair

Vitra This height-adjustable office chair with pleasant padding and a rear tilt mechanism adapted to the weight of the user is a superb creation by Jean Prouvé. Well done ! Source: Vitra


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