I color the walls of the child's room

I color the walls of the child's room

To make the child's room pleasant and fun, nothing like color! We install it on the walls in cheerful and childish shades. Discover 10 ideas for playful and colorful walls.

Soften a rough wall

Vertbaudet If your children's room has a rough brick wall and you want to keep it for its decorative aspect while softening it, do not hesitate to paint it in a color that will integrate into your decor. Here, purple gives a more feminine touch to this initially rough wall.

A two-color bedroom

La Redoute Know that you do not have to decide for a single color for the walls of the child's room. On the contrary, do not hesitate to choose two shades that you will apply to each wall by creating a sort of underlay with one of the colors.

Colors and patterns

La Redoute In this children's room, a flamboyant green settles on all the walls. And to give them relief, we have added some very graphic vertical bands that respond to bed linen for an original style.

A color for walls and furniture

Ikea To choose the bright color that will be installed on one of the walls of the children's room, you can take inspiration from the furniture. In this room, a section of pronounced green wall meets the furniture. The bed linen does not fail to bring out the whole.

A color as a base

Purpose If you do not want to apply the color on the entire wall, paint only the lower part to create a visual underlay. This decorative tip will also protect the walls in the lower part that children tend to dirty when they are white.

A headboard wall

Purpose To bring color to the bedroom, nothing like painting the wall that accommodates the headboard to give it a more theatrical appearance. Choose a soft color that goes well with that of the furniture, like the pink that lights up the black in this girl's room.

A black wall to bring out the colors

Ikea If your child's room is already loaded in color with the furniture, you can choose to paint the back wall in a black which will bring out and enhance all the colors of the room.

Color, walls on the ceiling

Ikea For a decorative effect, you can choose a color that will decorate the walls but also the ceiling to create a cocoon room. To give a little breath to the decor, we think of a plain and clear floor.

A wall and its graphic reminder

Fly In this already very colorful room, we chose to paint a wall in color and make a reminder on the perpendicular wall, we put on strips of paint in the same color. Dynamic and colorful effect guaranteed!