Roost Apartment: a human-sized hotel in the heart of Philadelphia

Roost Apartment: a human-sized hotel in the heart of Philadelphia

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Nestled in a 1920 building in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, the Roost literally "perch" in English, is an apartment hotel where life is good. Designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, this place gives pride of place to a sophisticated decoration, ideal for feeling "at home". The editorial opens its doors to you.

A stay as warm as it is bright

The Roost Apartment Between natural light and high ceilings, the atmosphere that emanates from the Roost Apartment is welcoming, charming and pleasant. In addition to a comfortable anthracite gray sofa, the decoration of the living room is punctuated by elegant touches: a table, designer lighting, beautiful cushions ...

A kitchen open to the living room

The Roost Apartment To enhance the cozy atmosphere of the living room, the architects of the Morris Adjmi studio have chosen to open the kitchen to the latter. Fully equipped, this living space is enhanced by a marble and wood dining table, which can also be used as a worktop.

A space-saving office area

The Roost Apartment Finally, the third space in this elegant living room: an office area. Imagined in the extension of the TV cabinet, this corner, conducive to work, wants to be minimalist and stripped down.

A cozy room with retro charm

The Roost Apartment With a large king size bed, the only room in the Roost does not fail to seduce us. Favoring retro-inspired furniture, light colors, a touch of pastel, and sophisticated decoration, the designers wanted to create a cozy sleeping area.

A bathroom conducive to well-being

The Roost Apartment With its impressive walk-in shower, the Roost's bathroom promises beautiful moments of relaxation. The decorative detail that makes all the difference? The metro tiling which brings a touch of modernity to the place.

Omnipresent vegetation

The Roost Apartment Located in an urban environment, the Roost still offers a natural break, a kind of plant life welcome in this ultra dynamic city.

Neat decoration for a fully equipped apartment

The Roost Appartment In order to reinforce the "home-from-home" aspect wanted in this apartment, the designers bet on a decoration made of works of art, books and trinkets expertly selected ... Without forgetting to add all the comfort necessary for modern life.