Personalize your decor with dye

Personalize your decor with dye

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Did you know that you can give a second life to all your textiles or personalize your decoration with your own colors? Thanks to the dye, you can let your creativity speak and color all the textiles in the house. Demonstration and decorative ideas on tablecloths, napkins, cushions and other decorative objects.

A contemporary tablecloth

Ideal If you have had enough of your bistro style tablecloth and want to give it a more contemporary style, you can use a bright and sufficiently dark dye which will overlap the tiles to provide a unique look.

A revived comforter

Ideal Are your children's soft toys gray? Why not give them a new look that will amuse children by daring a bright color like pink! The cuddly toys can then be installed on a shelf as a decorative object.

A decorative garland

Ideal If you like to do things by yourself, don't buy a garland with pennants but create it! For this, it will be necessary to cut fabrics in a rectangle. And to give them a pretty tie & dye color, bet on the dye.

Restyled cushions

Ideal To give a spring air to your sofa, just change the cushions. But why change them when you can just dye them? With models of different colors, the dye will take different shades for a very original effect.

A new cover for the benches

Ideal And to give a new look to your outdoor furniture, use the dye to revamp the cushions of the bench and add cushions to create an original and personalized set with your colors.

A colorful deckchair

Ideal The dye also works to change the look of a garden deckchair! In this case, we will simply dye the fabric of a Chilean to give it a new life and trendy colors for sunny days.

Colors in the bathroom

Ideal If you change the colors of the decor of the bathroom, no need to buy towels! Instead, dye them with the new colors of your decor so that they blend well with the room.

Table linen revisited

Ideal Because we do not always succeed in removing stains from napkins, we take advantage of the dye to give them a second youth. The new color will cover the stains while giving a decorative note!

Crochet rejuvenates

Ideal The good news is that dye works on all fabrics! So you can for example give a more modern look to a crochet cushion by applying a bold color like orange.


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