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Warm in front, the maxi deco toasters are making their entrance!

Warm in front, the maxi deco toasters are making their entrance!

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To start the day off nicely, nothing beats a few slices of golden bread spread with butter, jam, or eat plain! Your best ally? A toaster. But even leaving it permanently on the work plan, it is required that it is as crisp as it is effective. Here is our selection of decorative toasters.


Magimix ### We dreamed of it, it happened. What ? The transparent toaster! Since then, it's not just the smell of toast that draws us into the kitchen early in the morning. Thanks to this model, we are entitled to the spectacle of bread browning. If that is not the magic of breakfast…


Kenwood ### We literally melt for these Kenwood toasters in fuchsia pink, flashy blue, meadow green, lemon yellow and toned orange. A highly acidulous range, which should brighten our morning awakenings! Dynamic colors to which are added pretty rounded lines, nothing retro, and supports for slices of bread maximized, because they are arranged over the entire width of the appliance rather than the length.

Immaculate white

Kenwood ### Here is a toaster dressed in white, certainly, but trendy. Its lines are rounded and its immaculate white semi-stainless steel coating is part of a refined style. Obviously, we approve 100%!


Brandt ### Many should fall for this very pink, beautiful toaster, which is sure to make a sensation on the kitchen worktop…

Extra thin

La Redoute ### Fine, minimalist and refined form for this toaster. Or how to combine space saving spirit and absolutely contemporary stainless steel trend.

Red cherry

La Redoute ### The small red appliance has the wind in its sails. And we vote for this one: a round toaster cherry color, whose stainless steel coating plays the mirror effects. Chic.


La Redoute ### Retro decor for breakfast! Visible grid, absence of glass: this toaster propels us into the 60s for a gourmet awakening. The best way to start the day!


Purpose ### Clean is the word to describe this toaster. So white and smooth that its dress reminds us of corian. The little extra? The touches of purple that bring color to the whole.


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